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  1. Kacie

    Name Input Processing, No Blank Name

    That really was a silly question from me. I guess I was just thinking too hard on that one, ahahaha, omg. Thank you though, Shaz.
  2. Kacie

    Name Input Processing, No Blank Name

    So I am using the script: /NAME/gi.test($ And am wondering if there is a way to either alter the script or work around it to disallow the player having a blank name. I don't know if it is a silly question but I was just simply wondering if that script could be...
  3. Kacie

    Changing base audio files later?

    If you overwrite an audio file, you will be absolutely fine. If you are wanting to change the actual file name from "projectBattleTheme.ogg" to something completely different, then you would have to go back through and change each audio file event individually. So, you are good if you just...
  4. Kacie

    Font Color

    If you want completely custom font colors, I highly recommend SRD's amazing Custom Colors plugin. Which is located here. The plugin sets the color of the font to the exact color code you want. Note: When you hit preview, it won't show it. You will see in the actual game/test though. That link to...
  5. Kacie

    Can't change default font through gamefont.css

    I would say try Yanfly's Load Custom Fonts. Which is located right here. Note to run this program, it may require Yanfly's Core Engine. Which is located here. After installing it in your /plugins/js folder and loading it up into you plugin manager, make sure you have the font you wish to use...

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