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  1. MelonMintGames

    OrangeGreenworks - Steam Integration with Achievements and Time Log

    As it appears the set-up instructions for this plugin have all but disappeared off the web, I am going to link the instructions via the internet archive for anyone who plans to use this in the future.
  2. MelonMintGames

    How can I make 'scannable' Events?

    This is exactly how I would do it as well.
  3. MelonMintGames

    So, uh, what's this RPG Maker Unite thing?

    Looks really interesting! Definitely following this.
  4. MelonMintGames

    How to Update NW.js to Dramatically improve Game Performance!

    Just a word of caution to people who do this: upgrading the node version and then downgrading it seems to cause the "Your profile can not be used because it is from a newer version of NW.js." pop-up. While this is easy enough to fix if you are testing it on your own, it has been a nightmare...
  5. MelonMintGames

    Never tried a profile post before. Not sure if anyone sees these but hope you all are finishing...

    Never tried a profile post before. Not sure if anyone sees these but hope you all are finishing your games!
  6. MelonMintGames

    DreamX Options

    This is a late reply, but I wanted to respond because this had been causing me a headache for a while now. When the game is exited while in full screen (using SceneManager.exit(); or whatever), all of the options in the game are reset. For whatever reason, this doesn't seem to happen in...
  7. MelonMintGames

    Plugin to record voice?

    Hello, does this plugin still work? Running it on a new project, I get the following: TypeError: ARecAndPlay.stopStream.stop is not a function at Game_Message.clear (AudioRecordAndPlay.js:309) at Window_Message.terminateMessage (rpg_windows.js:4355) at Window_Message.updateInput...
  8. MelonMintGames

    Online save backup using events

    Hello, this is a very interesting system! One question, on the offhand chance that someone happened to use the same username and password, what would happen? Would there be any way to ask the user to use a different combination? Thanks! EDIT: Nevermind, read that you addressed this in the first...
  9. MelonMintGames

    Linux Game deployment

    I also tried to deploy my game onto Linux yesterday. I got the window to pop up but it was just a blank window that said node as a background. Very strangely, the debug version is working almost perfectly (a few small frame drops, but no serious issues). Has anyone found a solution to this...
  10. MelonMintGames

    RMMZ Amous us

    It's possible, but would be a little tricky. Using Alphanet (as Harlekin linked) or maybe something like MMORPG maker would kind of work. Your main problem would be creating matchmaking system/a list of rooms that the player could join. Basically, players would need to coordinate through...
  11. MelonMintGames

    Trying to make events that trigger other events with switches, but one keeps repeating.

    I agree, it sounds like this would be easier to set up using the "set movement route" function to turn your characters instead.
  12. MelonMintGames

    RMMV 2nd Title/ Main menu screen?

    I can't quite get a picture in my mind of exactly you are trying to accomplish, but have you seen this plugin? Pre-Title Events – 姫HimeWorks Using this, you can put any event you want before your title screen. You could even do an all event title screen if you want.
  13. MelonMintGames

    Battle Starts Question

    The same creator has made a very useful tutorial series if you are interested! It is what I used! RPG Maker MV Tutorial #1 - Drawing The Map! - YouTube
  14. MelonMintGames

    Battle Starts Question

    I haven't tried it myself, but maybe this plugin may help. Common Event Battle Intro – MV Plugin – RPG Maker MZ Plugins (
  15. MelonMintGames

    RMMV Change SMRD Walk Character Battlers manually

    I am using SMRD Walk Character Battlers in my latest project, and I am running into a problem. I am hoping to change (at will) which walk battler is used for Actor 1 (can't change actors due to conflicts with other plugins), but since this plugin is set up through notetags, it has proven...
  16. MelonMintGames

    Problems deploying to iOS

    So far I have tested it and it works on my iPhone with no problems!
  17. MelonMintGames

    Problems deploying to iOS

    Another user actually helped me set up my xcode file in a way that didn't even require using cordova. If my app gets accepted by the app store (not ready to launch yet so could be a while) I will make a detailed tutorial, but basically here's what I did (note that I'm not on my Mac right now so...
  18. MelonMintGames

    Problems deploying to iOS

    I have been following the instructions on the help file to deploy to iOS. Some things have changed (as the file was written several years ago) but I was more or less able to figure out how to set up Cordova, Xcode, etc. However, even though the build is successful, when I try to emulate it in...

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