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  1. Watchdog

    Greetings from the City of a Hundred Spires

    Hello, I love military history, so basically all wars and the short periods between them spent frantically preparing for the next one, as is the human nature. :smile: Other than that, I love the mid-late Victorian/late Austro-Hungarian and Edwardian eras (generally 1848-1918), partially due to...
  2. Watchdog

    Greetings from the City of a Hundred Spires

    Greetings from the City of a Hundred Spires, everyone. If you cannot find it on the map, do not despair, it is just the nickname of Prague, the capital city of my homeland, the Czech Republic. :wink: It is the city where I live and work. I am not a game developer (yet, hopefully), as I have a...

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Feeling a tad frustrated designing one map of my project... MC is supposed to grab a key from inside a kofun to escape a certain area. Unfortunately, kofuns are cramped, dark and claustrophobic: not exactly many places to run and hide in horror games. :ysad:
When ya accidentally delete a whole map and saved before you realized.

We really need a recycle bin
How the fusion of Batman+Spider-Man would be? Be creative on your replies.
Farm is all but done!



Might add a wagon or something towards the bottom but I think we're good to go. ^_^

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