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    Protects them from being mod and banning any discussion about their questionable practices. Anyways, bye.
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    Really sorry to see how RPGM was infiltrated by these people and has been protected from anything said about them. It is nice to have friends in high places. Really... not bias at all.
  3. What's your opinion on Visustella plugins?

    I respect the majority of RPGM plugin developers. When did I say otherwise? All you can do is throw around some straw man fallacies. I just did. :XP01B:
  4. What's your opinion on Visustella plugins?

    Nobody was stealing their code. The only examples were some losers who couldn't manage to make more than 10 sales. That was just an excuse to start the practice and forward Yanfly plugins to sale tactics. Fortunately, I can read "usage" texts if it's allowed to be modified or not. I had...
  5. What's your opinion on Visustella plugins?

    They changed RPGM for the worse. It was a final push for me to quit RPGM. Sure they don't owe me anything, but with their practices, RPGM lost charm for me. I've been modifying the hell out of MV/hiring someone to modifying/fixing compatibilities/buying plugins. I've used a lot of Yanfly...
  6. Can't login to my Shop Account

    Why accessing your purchased software is so difficult? I brought multiple software and can't find how to access them on the website. I have to scavenge forums to find the links to how to log in. That's quite an incentive to purchase from steam directly just so your 200$+ purchases wouldn't...
  7. Android Save File Location

    Impossible to understand...
  8. Update NW.js on android.

    Thank you. Actually, I figure out that RPGM MV does not move video files (webm) automatically as it does for win/mac/linux. So my issue wasn't with NW.js
  9. Update NW.js on android.

    RPGM MV has an issue playing videos because of outdated used NW.js I solved it by updating exported games manually on desktop PC, but how to update NW.js for android? How does it work for phones? Is it possible?
  10. Play GIF in MV (VPlayer. New ver. 1.3) [MV, MZ]

    Use 0.48.4 version. It's the NW version which fixes the video play. And later updates I think add too many changes which can cause more issues. At least I tested my project with 0.48.4 and it runs fine. But yeah, video play is bugged and it is not something anyone can fix. It's the engine issue...
  11. Call menu during messages

    The only issue is when players update the game and load during the event. Some of us releases updates every month, so people are sending bug reports because they fail to read a disclaimer how to safely update. Just checking if it's normal behavior and if I should try fixing it. Is there a reason...
  12. Call menu during messages

    Even when changing the code, events etc? Because if I load a savegame, it'll restart the event. Works fine for exported game with no exits to the code. Maybe I have older version?
  13. Call menu during messages

    Only if game files weren't changed I think. Will load fine, unless a player updates the game or dev makes changes during the play test. The event awkwardly resets itself upon loading.
  14. Is it possible to make 20GB+ size RPGM ?

    If you're making 1080p RPGM game, you're doing it wrong. This engine scales badly with higher resolution. Low budget PC, laptops will struggle with such resolution and I don't think android will even run it properly. I wouldn't go over 1600x900. But even so, with smart converting if my project...
  15. RPGM MV - Can I use bigger animation images for skills?

    Is 192x192 grid is max for MV? No way to use a 512x512 grid?
  16. YSP_VideoPlayer

    There's an alternative player which works perfectly with the stuttering fix (updated nw.js or pixi, can't remember). Look through the forum "PKD". Was really bad videos stuttering on 1-3 fps before for something like 20% of players.
  17. Is it possible to make 20GB+ size RPGM ?

    Exactly. You can convert 1.5mb png image to webp 250kb and no one will notice a difference. You can also compress audio files. That's what I do with my 6gb+ project with close to 10.000 images. The final product can be squeezed to 1gb without much quality loss.
  18. AudioStreaming.js (Plugin to improve RPG Maker MV audio performance)

    Doesn't work for android. Crashes the game.
  19. Is it possible to make 20GB+ size RPGM ?

    That user should learn how to make a game in a smart way. Or learn image compression.
  20. Is it possible to make 20GB+ size RPGM ?

    2GB limit is only for android. For PC/Mac etc. there's no limit.

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