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  1. ZoeTornado

    RMMZ Help altering the main menu

    If you are wanting to modify the windows on the menu screen, change their size/placement/content, I would look at Scene_Menu in the rmmz_scenes.js file and try to understand how it puts everything together. You'll notice most of those windows inside it are tailor-made for their specific...
  2. ZoeTornado

    RMMZ Help altering the main menu

    The post is slightly vague, but one possibility I'm interpreting from your post, adding a "button" to the Menu I assume means you wish to a link/command on the main menu to a different submenu/page than one of the ones listed. If that is the case, the basic way to do this would be to write a...
  3. ZoeTornado

    RMMV Adding multiple windows during the battle scene

    if you're just trying to display something in the battle scene without an interactive component (your description seems to indicate this), using a Sprite to display your info will be easier to implement most likely. Being called a Sprite doesnt mean it has to be a png or whatever, its just a...
  4. ZoeTornado

    RMMV How to learn what each piece of "built-in code" in RPG Maker MV files means/does?

    I think the easiest way to approach it will be to look at something top-level and work your way down. An example would be the Main Menu screen. Search the code (with VSCode or some other IDE) for the Scene which describes the main menu. Then read it as best you can and try to see which parts get...
  5. ZoeTornado

    RMMV Hi I want to learn to code how hard would this be

    I think it's doable. The trick will be breaking down your idea into it's smaller components (potion game needs the images, the input, the controls, etc), then learn about how those particular things are treated in the engine. I recommend using a program like VSCode which will allow you to search...
  6. ZoeTornado

    RMMZ Way to have UI in different resolutions than the game in MZ/MV?

    Hello Makers! I have a question that is a little beyond my ken regarding the game's engine: Is there a way to render the game such that the UI layer (menus/text boxes/etc) can be rendered in a high-resolution (such as 4k/1080p) while the rest of the game remains at a lower resolution but is...
  7. ZoeTornado


    Gotta say, this is super cool! I actually had already been planning on developing something like this for my game, but this plug-in is probably cooler than what I would've come up with but does pretty much exactly what I envisioned. What providential timing! Thank you for sharing! If I catch any...

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