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  1. Exayda

    Kien's Linear Motion Battle System

    I don't mean to necro-post around a year later but may I ask for an improvement on the motion-parameters? I would like for them to allow movements for "up" and "down" in addition to the current left, right forward and back parameters. That would nearly complete this battle-system for me.
  2. Exayda

    Fantasy Heroine Character Pack

    I know this is being asked a bit late but I was wondering if this pack featured different poses or just different facial expressions.
  3. Exayda

    [STV] Plugins | STV_MonsterCards

    This looks really interesting. Can someone show me an example of how card games work with this plugin?
  4. Exayda

    Common Event Image Transition Help?

    I would like to make a common event that uses a sequence of pictures to emulate the animation effects from videos. I would like for the animation to be able to loop, branch off into other animation sequences and end via choices and or buttons. I believe this possible via common events alone...
  5. Exayda

    RPG Maker MV Full Image Event CG?

    Hello, I would like to make a game that can display full images that cut away from the main game screen such as those in you might find in a visual novel. I believe most of the tutorials I've found are to make images appear but not full screen. Also I'm not sure about how to change from image...
  6. Exayda

    Animated Busts and Video Cut Scenes with Choices?

    Title says it all. I would like to know how to make those make animated character busts and/or faces as well as video cut scenes with choices. I would appreciate any assistance. Thanks.
  7. Exayda

    How Can I Make Allies Protect Enemies?

    I probably would but it would still be helpful if you shared your method just in case. I would appreciate it greatly.
  8. Exayda

    How Can I Make Allies Protect Enemies?

    Something like that, but more specifically, I would like a plugin where the substitute effect can be applied as a state between allies and enemies. Basically a script where you can control who substitutes for who without restriction.
  9. Exayda

    How Can I Make Allies Protect Enemies?

    Hello, I hoping this the right place to post this. I would like to know how to make States where allies protect enemies. It would be something like a substitute status that works between allies and enemies. There was a script like this for VX Ace but now I can't find anything like for MV. Any...
  10. Exayda

    Skill Change

    What should I do if I want to change a skill based on the state of the one using a skill? In other words if the attacker has a certain state applied how can I get the skill to change?
  11. Exayda

    Graphics States

    I don't mean to be a bother but I was wondering if anyone could help me. Is it possible to change the battler/actor graphic to a more specific one when specific sequences of states are applied? 
  12. Exayda

    VXAce Generator Parts in Kaduki-Style [Updated: 22nd June]

    I'm having the same problem. 

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