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  1. Was your first RPG short?

    In the past I've been working on projects but never got around to finish any of them, whether the file gets deleted for whatever reason or I lose motivation, my projects never make it out of the beta stage. So I was considering for my first project, just for the sake of getting something done, I...
  2. Theo's Battle System Available?

    I was trying the demo for Tankentai's sideview system when it recommended Theo's system for beginners. Feeling curious I quickly looked up Theo's system and found a video of a quick demo battle showcasing the system's features. I then determined that Theo's system would be more fitting in my...
  3. How long do you usually keep hiatuses?

    I think my current hiatus on my project has reached around 2 or 3 months with me focusing on the end of my college semester. Sounds like a lot but who knows.
  4. Implementing a Persona Type Battle System

    Looks awesome. Definitely would like to try it out when it's complete
  5. Can resource packs be sold?

    So basically in RMVXA I have been using resource packs on previous projects (now scrapped) and the main issue at this point is a few times when I encounter a roadblock due to limitations with the resource pack, another resource pack catches my eye and appears to have the missing links and...
  6. Implementing a Persona Type Battle System

    The persona type battle system being the one in Persona 5 where you have a persona and its weak to some elements, strong against some, and null against the rest. As for the Majora's Mask moment, it's the point in the beginning of the game where Link falls into Termina
  7. Implementing a Persona Type Battle System

    I haven't played any of the persona games [yet] however based on what I've seen I figured the battle system would be nice to use in my project, especially since it begins with the player having a "down the rabbit hole" moment like in Zelda Majora's Mask. However considering the complexity the...
  8. 12 Character Sprite Sheet Animations

    So I've created a sprite sheet assigned with the ! and $ symbols in the name that basically show an animation starting at the upper left corner then showing subsequent images as it goes down, then repeats in the second column as the animation continues. What I'm trying to accomplish is have an...
  9. RMVXA Parody of the Pokemon "Rip-Offs"

    So this game would be based off the supposed "rip offs" to Pokémon such as Bakugon and Monsuno. Thanks to a dream I had I began to remember back when those animated series were all over the TV networks and while I don't intend on reviving the genre and competing with Pokémon as this is more of a...
  10. Status conditions to yourself

    okay thanks
  11. Status conditions to yourself

    One of the special moves I've created does little damage but makes the user invisible for the next turn. I got the invisible part to work but it makes the enemy invisible not the player. I can't seem to figure out how to assign the given status condition to the player. There's no scripts used to...
  12. RMVXA Invaders from Space Prologue Demo

    Game Link: Synopsis: This game takes place In two different worlds, the real and cyber worlds, much like the world of Megaman Battle Network. The main characters' hometown is the first to receive the newest video game on the market, an open world RPG...
  13. Multiple Art Styles

    After purchasing the Modern Day Tileset (thank you Black Friday Sale) I had the crazy idea to incorporate multiple art styles in the project of mine. Think about it; this has never been done before and I think if done right this could lead to some fantastic world building. For example, the city...
  14. How to change game resolution?

    I've designed the game to be presented at a resolution of 544 x 416. However lately when I playtest the game it automatically adjusts to 640 x 480 and everything is offset to the left. Is there a way to change the resolution back to normal? Thanks
  15. Tribute RPGs and cpoyright

    We've all seen tribute games before in the RPG genre, like the tribute to Jacksepticeye "The Boss" made in RM. I'm working on a tribute game myself in which characters in the game are warped inside a Space Invaders inspired RPG. Though the hard part is finding a title for the game so that...
  16. Animated Battlers

    Yes, it would be a stepping animation
  17. Animated Battlers

    So far I have the default sprites that come with RMVXA
  18. Animated Battlers

  19. Animated Battlers

    Will it work with a forward view? In other words, not a sideways battle system

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