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  1. dombo813

    Formulas in skill descriptions

    Is it possible to have a calculated number in a skill description, similar to the way League of Legends does? For example, I could have a spell that deals 4x Magic Attack + 10 damage, and applies the state "On Fire" to the target. I would like to display this to the user as "Deals (X) Fire...
  2. dombo813

    Resisting Death, leaving at 1 HP state

    Some games contain ways to avoid death. Pokemon does this with the Ability "Sturdy", the move "Endure", and several held items. These abilities mean that if the pokemon possessing the trait were to be killed in a single hit, they would instead be left at 1 HP (a second hit while at less than...
  3. dombo813

    Actor skills?

    Does anyone know of a method through which actors can learn a certain skill at a certain level, regardless of which class they are? I need my Actor 1 to learn her 'signature skill' at Level 23, but without other level 23 Sorcerers also learning it. I also have a class change system, so she might...
  4. dombo813

    Rito's Menu Background

    So, I encountered a really good plugin that gives backgrounds to menu scenes in a simple, easy to use way. Unfortunately, it only works on the scenes that exist in the base game (menu, item, equip etc), and unfortunately, the creator seems to have dropped out of the RMMV world, so I have several...
  5. dombo813

    Non-multiplicative percentages

    As far as I understand, each percentage boost in RMMV will multiply all the previous boosts, so for example a character with 100 ATK and 2 states that both gave +20% ATK would result in an ATK stat of 144, not 140. Unfortunately, my game uses a lot of small buffs and bonuses given by states...
  6. dombo813

    Message box disappears with Choice menus

    When I create a Choice menu, the message box (which I'm using to ask the question the answer is chosen to) disappears. I've tried turning off all plugins with a vague link to choice menus and message boxes, but it still happens. Has anyone encountered this with a plugin, or know how to fix it?
  7. dombo813

    Crafting System with different crafting menus

    I know there are multiple crafting systems already in existence for RMMV, but as far as I can see, none of them can distinguish between different menus. This results in being able to craft books at an anvil, or bows at a distillery unless you're willing to mess around with a hundred conditionals...
  8. dombo813

    Unlock equip slots

    There are certain item types within my game that I don't want the player to know about until they reach a certain point in the game. Would it be possible to use a plugin command (or script) within an event that adds that equip slot to the appropriate class or character? So for example: A...
  9. dombo813

    Skill chance to activate + halve damage taken?

    Is there a way to have a skill automatically activate with a certain percentage chance of doing so? For example, lets say I have a skill that has a chance of activating equal to the user's Agility stat that allows the player to evade all damage. Every time an attack (preferably only of a certain...
  10. dombo813

    check for filled equipment slot, + Actor sprite based on equipment?

    Hi there I have two questions: First, is there a way to check whether or not the player has a certain equipment slot filled, rather than a particular item? For example, lets say I have a combat arena that will only allow the player to enter if their Character 1 has no weapon or accessories...
  11. dombo813

    Actor Transformation

    I have two different characters who transform in different ways: The first automatically transforms at the start of the battle, as long as their weapon is an "Amulet" (weapon type 11). The changes in stats that occur are different for each Amulet (although that one can be done just by...
  12. dombo813

    Weapon/Armour/State Variance Value

    Well, I'm not good at starting writing so I'll just jump write into it: What I'm looking for is a plugin that would allow me to use notetags to give a weapon, armour, state, actor or class a Variance value override (If an appropriate notetag existed in any of these places, a skill used would...
  13. dombo813

    Tile swap

    Is there a way to change tiles in MV, like how this plugin worked for VX Ace, or does the ability to layer multiple tiles on top of each other make that impossible now?
  14. dombo813

    Default stat formulas

    Because of a certain method I want to use in my game, I need to write out the stat calculation formula again within a notetag. Unfortunately, I can't find the default formulas on the interwebs and I don't even know where to start looking in the base code. Does anyone know how the default game...
  15. dombo813

    Storing item target's ID as a variable and preventing a certain Actor from being targeted

    I've made an item that's designed to have a different effect depending on who the item targets (it can only be used in the Menu screen, so the User of the item is always the Player, that's why it needs to get the target's ID and not the user's ID). It also can only be used on characters that...
  16. dombo813

    Adding item with variable ID

    I decided I wanted to massively cut down the time it takes for me to make random loot systems by replacing a chain of Conditional Branches with a single Script that adds an item to the player's inventory where the ID of the item is the value stored in a variable. I was using...
  17. dombo813

    Experience and Stat Rate Plugin(s)

    Hello kind Javascript knower! I come to you today with what I think is probably quite a simple problem, so I hope you'll hear me out. I have two particular plugins I would like made. The objective of these plugins is to make different actors have different specialisations and reasons to...

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