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  1. Theolized Sideview Battle System (In Game Editor + Version 2 Coming Soon)

    OMG v2 is so cool. Have you ever try RGD? It will make your battle pretty smoth
  2. YES - Skill Equip Add-on: Passive States

    Ohhh!I know ..!! If the skills set in the script are not the initial skills, will not raised the error. And really thanks for your help!!
  3. YES - Skill Equip Add-on: Passive States

    Thanks!!! sad it raised "stack too deep" (in empty project) .....I don‘t know if the origin script have this problem...
  4. YES - Skill Equip Add-on: Passive States

    Can somebody fix the format ?.....I tried but failed ......
  5. Lanthanum Lights v1.40

    I see... Thanks for your reply!!(I didn't expect you to reply so fast.)
  6. Lanthanum Lights v1.40

    Talk to slime will erase the light ... in theory.
  7. Lanthanum Lights v1.40

    I have uploaded,Can you take a look at this? 0.0
  8. Lanthanum Lights v1.40

    $game_map.clear_surface and remove_lights_targ(0) doesn't work in your demo ,is it a bug?
  9. maru 12 scripts (compilation)

    Thanks for translation~
  10. Persona System

    Can it be used in commercial games?
  11. Theo - Encounter Warning

    truly nice!
  12. Theo - Screenshake

    Amazing effect!!
  13. Map Objects - v1.2 (12/04/2019)

    It really chage VA's mapping way!! Thanks for your scripts !It looks like VA is not dead :) Can I make a suggestion? It more convenient if you add a“copy object” command 。 Anyway,thanks a lot!!!

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