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  1. Venima

    Getting name or id of event at specific location (in current map)

    I'm trying to build a combat-themed puzzle where you move different types of units (events) to battle positions. I intend on making 24 battle scenes like this, so to save myself endless conditional branches I decided to turn to scripting. There are only going to be so many types of enemy and so...
  2. Venima

    Idea - RPG Maker Filtering Option

    It would be nice to be able to tick versions of RPG Maker and have it filter out (hide) any forums that aren't relevant. For example, if I picked MV, the RPG Maker Central forums would be hidden, since they're only relevant to the other versions of RM. Of course the idea is they're checkboxes...
  3. Venima

    Bug - Arrow keys don't work for selecting tiles when map editing

    User: Venima Bug: In previous versions (Ace, VX) you were able to click in the tile palette and then use arrow keys to navigate tiles, in MV this doesn't work correctly. Version: 1.6.2 Reproduction steps: 1. Click any tile: 2. Use arrow keys to navigate to another tile: 3. Paint tile...
  4. Venima

    Who would be interested in a better dungeon generator for RPG-Maker? (third-party)

    Note this post is not limited to MV users, it includes VX Ace, VX and possibly XP too. So I'm a programmer not a map editor. My skills are in building systems and scripts, but without a rich map to fill with events my work goes to waste. Unfortunately the existing dungeon generator leaves a lot...
  5. Venima

    VX vs VX-Ace - What do you like about them?

    So, I thought I'd start a discussion on what functions/features we like about both of these RPG Maker versions. Now I know not all of you have used both, and some who have used both may not realise just how different they are! You're all welcome to join in with whatever input you have. This has...
  6. Venima

    Venima's Little Shop Mod

    Venima's Shop Mod 1.0   Introduction This little mod enables a bit more control over the Shop Processing event, by allowing shop categorisation and multipliers for shop prices...   Features - Allows you to specify a multiplier for a shop's buying price and selling price...
  7. Venima

    [VX Ace Character Edit] Add lantern and extend coat

    Hi guys, I'm making a horror game and am in need of a small edit for a couple of my characters. Basically the player will be holding a lantern during most (but not all) of his time in the game, and I would like this to be represented in the character graphic. The coat/jacket is also too short...
  8. Venima

    Improvement for Rokan's Highlight New Items script

    To start off, Rokan's script essentially highlights any new items that are added to the party's inventory up to a certain maximum. For example, if the max is 3, up to 3 items will be highlighted at any time (updating as it goes along). What the script doesn't do, is un-highlight them when...
  9. Venima

    Smarter Text Persistence (Show Text Combining With Choices)

    Smarter Text Persistence Introduction A simple script (fix) to make "show text" still combine windows with choice selections when separated by conditional branches, comments or jump to label events. Features The event "show text" will combine with choice selection, number selection or item...
  10. Venima

    [Ace] Ray tracing script (sight)

    I tried to write a ray tracing script, essentially, it's supposed to check if a particular event can see a particular map coordinate. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be working and I haven't a clue why, been trying to fix it for half an hour but I'm shooting in the dark here... My code below...
  11. Venima

    Smarter Text+Choices Combining (Fix)

    Hi guys, I'm surprised I couldn't find this already to be honest, maybe it's hidden somewhere... Anyway, I don't like to give you too much reading to do, so here goes: Problem: When an event shows text and immediately shows choices after it, the text remains visible (it persists until a choice...

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