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  1. Getting That Nostalgia Fix

    Sid Meier's Pirates is such a fun game, I'm not sure how it was so good.
  2. What is your favorite Trading Card Game?

    MTG got its hooks the deepest in me. Even deeper than Pokemon.
  3. Games you think are underrated

    How about Spec Ops: The Line?
  4. Your surprise game of 2016

    Doom, how was it as good as it was!? It had everything lined up for it to be bad and it wasn't.
  5. Next Few Months of Video Game Releases

    Resident Evil VII has such a strange and new vibe to it, I'm hopeful for it!
  6. First RPG game you ever played

    I think it was Pokemon Blue... but I'm not quite sure anymore.
  7. What's your favorite thing to make music with?

    Garageband and Fruity Loops.
  8. Space Police Vocal Unit SPECTRUM

    I like the art style you went with, simply because it's quite different.
  9. Nintendo Switch

    I really want to like this system but they keep stumbling into problems with it. I can't underestimate Nintendo though, they could get all these wrinkles fixed quickly.
  10. Has anyone played this title? (Terranigma for SNES)

    One thing that is nice by having access to ROMs is trying out all these games I missed as a kid, that looks like something I'll need to try.
  11. Finishing My PS3 Collection before they are gone

    Have you tried any of the Yakuza games out?
  12. Getting a PS3, what do you guys recommend?

    The Yakuza games!
  13. Lurker Challenge!

    I just started lurking around a few weeks ago, jumping in the pool now!
  14. Some Day....

    Keep at it, this is something you just need to keep running into.
  15. The worst games you have ever played

    The Superman game that came out in '99, that was bad.
  16. What are the Best games you all have played?

    Pretty much any of the Mario games, I'm a fool for the old ones though. Give me Super Mario Bros. anytime of the day!
  17. What's the weirdest thing you have ever cooked?

    It seems I need to find some weird stuff to cook to keep up with everyone else.

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