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  1. firelad

    The Life of Amarante - Early Stages

    CANCELLED Official Website | Game Jolt | Release Date: TBA ------ Story In 2020, the Earth is in danger. Our to-be-heroine is away in her sleeping domain where she was trapped. People are already screaming for help...
  2. firelad

    Doom State

    The Doom, inspired by many Final Fantasy series, is a state which will be infected on an enemy or an actor. Often doom will last for a few turns and when the state is finished, an infected target will die. When a doom state occurred, it should follow the exactly like this: An enemy or an actor...
  3. firelad

    Error when starting RPG Maker VX Ace

    I am on Windows 10. RPG Maker VX Ace files were transferred from another computer, along with RTP. I've placed them in the correct place. My result when starting it is: RPG Maker VX Ace RTP is not installed. I have no idea why I got this error. Any ideas why?

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