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  1. aozgolo

    Codex with Progressive Unlockable Content

    So a Codex is basically a series of encyclopedias collectively called a Codex that is available through an in-game menu that offers background lore and info about a world. Usually there's a bestiary, location synopsis of visitable areas in the game, item lists, and if there's any crafting in the...
  2. aozgolo

    Which Graphic Packs (DLC) "fits" together?

    I'll be the first to admit my art skills while not TERRIBLE are a bit underwhelming, so I have no issues buying several of the LOVELY Graphic Packs for RPGMaker, and have even already bought some (Futuristic and Modern), but one thing I keep wondering is if anyone can suggest how well the...
  3. aozgolo

    Time-Slice System

    A Time-Slice system (there may be a better word for it) is a turn-based time management system where each part of the day is broken up into individual "slices" of time, and going to specific locations or doing certain actions consumes 1 or more slice of time. At the end of the day you are forced...
  4. aozgolo

    Your favorite (and LEAST favorite) RPG Tropes

    DISCLAIMER: This is purely a subjective thread, don't take it personally if someone hates a trope you use in your game or loves one you hate. This is just a discussion, not meant to be overly critical of others work. I'll just put this link here for easy referencing: Common Video Game Tropes...
  5. aozgolo

    How to Fade/Unfade-to-black Map Tiles?

    So a few classic NES RPGs had this cool feature where building interiors were not separated into different maps, but would instead be blacked out (or covered with roof tiles) until you entered them at which time the interior was revealed and the outside of the building faded to black until you...
  6. aozgolo

    Town Map Scale: 1:1?

    So a minor pet peeve of mine in JRPGs was that of "building scale", specifically things like houses that might only be 7x5 tiles on the town map, but the interior is like 25x20. Obviously this is just one of those "willing suspension of disbelief" things where you can ignore it. However I've...
  7. aozgolo

    Preferred Inventory Management System?

    So many RPGs use many different types of inventory, some of the most popular methods of inventory control: Weight based (Example: Skyrim): You are only limited by the total weight of the items you carry. Page-limit based (Example: Earthbound): You are limited to a certain number of items per...
  8. aozgolo

    Deciding which Bonus "Features" to add to your game

    So for the purposes of this post, a "feature" will be a specific gameplay element that is beyond the standard expectations in a RPG (Battles, Shops, Dungeons, Quests, etc.). Here's a list of examples of "Bonus Features": -Casino -Monster Capturing -Class System -Crafting -Fishing -Home...
  9. aozgolo

    What RPGMaker ISN'T good for

    First of all, RPGMaker is an incredible program, through the eventing and scripting system you can make it so much more BEYOND what it seems to have out of the box. That being said I've seen my fair share of project ideas that fall flat because hopeful game designers are trying to do things that...
  10. aozgolo

    The Feasibility of replacing Tilesets after Project completion?

    So basically while I do have some art skills (good enough for the game I'd want to make), making tiles isn't really something I particularly enjoy doing, and sprites just take forever (to animate mostly) so I was thinking about just not worrying about it at all, use the prebuilt RTP assets and...
  11. aozgolo

    Your favorite TURN-BASED Battle System?

    This doesn't have to be your favorite RPG, but I'm curious what people's favorite Turn-based Battle Systems are and why? To specify, this is a battle system that requires no "twitch" element of quick or timed button presses (so no loading bars), other than that anything goes. I am kind of a fan...
  12. aozgolo

    Making Food meaningful & simulating taste

    I've always felt that in most RPGs that have food, it's terribly done. Often times it's simply a restorative item that is less impactful than a potion, sometimes there are no "potions" and all restoratives are food, sometimes the potion is instant restore and food is time based, at any rate in...
  13. aozgolo

    PC Death too much of a player punch?

    Okay, so I have a very basic idea for a game where let's say you play 2 separate protagonists, one being a bandit / Robin Hood style character, and another been a guard captain, basically 2 sides of the law, and you switch between them at various story intervals. At one point halfway or so...
  14. aozgolo

    Dragon Quest IX-style Map Visible Enemy Sprites?

    So I'm definitely still in the learning phases here, working my way through various tutorials and getting familiar with the program. I definitely think i want to go with fairly traditional Dragon Quest style Turn-based combat, but I don't want it to be totally "random" either. I like how Dragon...
  15. aozgolo

    A sliding virtue scale system?

    So the game I'm making is heavily inspired by Ultima IV: Quest for the Avatar. Basically I want to borrow the idea that your actions carry weight and you have several virtues you can impact, but I want to create a sliding scale of each virtue that has it's opposite vice at the end. The 8 virtues...
  16. aozgolo

    My Game Sprite Works

    Back waaaay before I ever started with RPG Maker I used another tool called RPG Toolkit (around 12 years ago) which was very similar but back in the day more powerful since it had a scripting language... oh how far we've come to today! I began working on a group game back then that never got...
  17. aozgolo

    Leaving Map Edge triggers transition?

    Hi, I'm very new to this whole program, so I'll probably be around here quite a bit while trying to perfect my craft. Anyway I have a fairly simple thing I want to do but to the best of my knowledge there's no way to do it simply. Basically I have an exterior map, let's say it's a town, and I...

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