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  1. mistFAWKES

    Fantasy Realm: A Land Torn Asunder - Open World RPG, Early Access on Steam now!

    Fantasy Realm: A Land Torn Asunder Greetings, wayfarer! I have been developing an open world rpg for the past few years, and I am happy to announce that the early access is now available on Steam! It's about 20-30 hours of content as of now, and I'd like to get feedback on late-game...
  2. mistFAWKES

    LTN WindowPop throws hundreds of errors when fired in 1.5

    Hello! Since the upgrade to 1.5, LTN's WindowPop fires hundreds of 'Undefined Error' errors in the debug log any time the player picks up an item. It also causes considerable lag for the duration of the popup. I believe it may be related to the pixi change. LTN had said he was going to release...
  3. mistFAWKES

    GALV's Manual Level-Up not initially drawing in 1.5

    Hey there! Since the upgrade to 1.5, GALV's Manual Level-Up plugin doesn't draw the menu when initially opened. If one presses A, it then redraws the menu and it's all good, but the blank screen is a problem. Plugin in question: Any...
  4. mistFAWKES

    Issues with Yanfly's Battle BGM Control plugin

    Hey there! I'm using the BGM Control plugin, and I've run into two issues. I tried setting a troop's background music to pitch 90, but the command <Battle BGM Pitch: x> doesn't work. Tested with a variety of values. Instead, I declared the pitch via the enemy notetag <Battle BGM x%: filename...
  5. mistFAWKES

    clearing space for runtime build, delete *.m4a or *.ogg(or neither?)?

    hey all, so i'm at a point where i'm doing nightly builds and dual-external compressed backups(accidentally smashed my primary iMac while cleaning, lost a month of work, i dont want to talk about it lol). i've noticed that the bulk of my arbitrary data lies in my audio files. i understand that...
  6. mistFAWKES

    question regarding YEP Save Event Locations upon Erase Event

    Hey all! About to do a final pass on all my encounters before I send my alpha out to a few people for testing(eeee!) and I had a question regarding Save Event Locations. My encounters are event-based, chase behaviour event touch etc etc you know the drill. i was thinking about things, and while...
  7. mistFAWKES

    alternatives to this.isSkill()? yanfly states and such

    hello! i've got a state that checks to see if an action is a skill (yanfly's Organic Deconstruction). i'd like this effect to check if it's a physical attack rather than a skill. is there something like this.isPhysicalSkill() that works like this.isSkill() but checks the 'Hit Type' or 'Element'...
  8. mistFAWKES

    Hide Event Label on Erase Event with Mr. Trivel's Event Labels?

    Hello all, I'm currently using Yanfly's event labels, but I'd like to switch to Trivel's. It's incredibly polished, but when I Erase Event, the label is not erased (ie defeated enemys' labels are retained, even when event is erased). Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance <3
  9. mistFAWKES

    Trouble giving Weapon/Armor/Item[<Variable X>]

    Hey all, I've got a pretty simple question, scanned a few forums and couldn't find the answer. I've set up a system where an item/weapon/armor is stored in variable 101, and it's then passed back to a local event, which then uses that variable to know which item/weapon/armor to give the...
  10. mistFAWKES

    Question about JIRA tiers

    is anyone using JIRA for their bugtracking/feature requests? if so, what's the difference between 'JIRA Software' and 'JIRA Software + Documentation'? product in question: is anyone using bugzilla instead? if so, what are the benefits over JIRA...
  11. mistFAWKES

    does anyone have experience using chatmapper?

    i got shouted at for asking this on a different forum. i don't work for these people, dammit. AAA devs seem to be all over this thing. it's a means to map branching dialogue. costs $500 though. anyone using it? does it add significant value/decrease significant confusion? thanks in advance :)
  12. mistFAWKES

    how does one circumvent steam's greenlight?

    sup fellas/fellarinas, i've seen mentioned in other forums that don't have a commercial-specific section that one can circumvent greenlight using what robert rodriguez would call a 'money--hose', ie you pay up-front to circumvent the system entirely. two questions, for anyone with context...
  13. mistFAWKES

    hail, compatriots!

    sup people. apparently ive been on a different rpgm mv forum this whole time lmao. i thought that one was the official one. hi, i'm mistFAWKES, i'm designing a) the first open-world turn-based rpg, B) oh god how do i turn off emoticons, c) the first open-world rpg for mobile devices. as far...

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