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  1. Fleas

    RMMV Princesses of Public Domain

    Princesses of Public Domain This is a quick beginner RPG I built for my 8-year old daughter as a way to introduce her to the genre. It can be completed in about 3 hours or broken into roughly 4x 45 minute chunks. Collect princesses, help them with their own fabled story-line, then get them...
  2. Fleas User Stealing Games

    Would also be good practice to have alerts sent to your inbox based on your game names.
  3. Fleas

    Looking for good quality, free progam for composing game music, similar to bandcamp's beat sequencer

    Psycle is another option. Super old tracker but one or two tutorial vids and you should be able to put together some beats quickly. It comes with a bunch of preinstalled instruments and can also handle VSTs. Exports to wav.
  4. Fleas

    For Composers/Musicians: What programs do you use?

    I'm an old man so I still use Psycle.

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