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  1. SlayerJoe31


    Looks interesting. I'll have to keep it on my watch.
  2. SlayerJoe31

    Native American Generator Parts MV

    You could use the default mohawk for the males if you wanted to.
  3. SlayerJoe31

    Native American Generator Parts MV

    I actually ended up having this problem myself, lately. I managed to find some native-esque braids for females using the Heroine character generator parts. You could use either part pack #1 or pack#3, since they both give the braids. Here's a character I made using pack #3. I also gave her an...
  4. SlayerJoe31

    Rules Ideas That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread

    Developing plot and resources: The story for my game takes place in the British colonies of the Americas, where the revolution is raging, but others are just trying to live their lives the best they can. In the midst of the war between the so-called "Patriot" rebels and the soldiers of the...

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I'm so happy that I got Steam achievements to work in my game, thanks in large part to the posts by other RPG Maker devs on this issue!

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