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  1. DarkWolf4564

    Darn, Ever since I change my font the game seems to be stuck on the Loading Screen.

    Title says the problem I'm having... More Info - I have YEP_CoreEngine, YEP_MessageCore, & YEP_LoadCustomFonts Plugins... I've tried turning the font back to default, but It's still not loading. I even tried TURNING OFF/ON the Plugins in multiple ways. What seems to be the problem?
  2. DarkWolf4564

    FREE Testers/Programmers Needed (My Dreams)

    Hello... I'm looking to make a TEAM, or something like that. (Using RPG Maker MV.) (Also, I'll give you more information, if you agree to help.) ____________________________________________________________________________ Here's what I can do -...
  3. DarkWolf4564

    Not sure which thread, but it's about SRD_AltMenuScreen_BustIcons

    So I'm using SRD_AltMenuScreen_BustIcons and I want to edit some parts on it. But basically the spoiler explains it, but if you still need more information let me know.
  4. DarkWolf4564

    I wonder if this Looping Anim/Movement is effecting the PictureCommonEvents.

    I'm using SRD_RemoveTitleScreen, & YEP_PictureCommonEvents. I know that I used the common events right, but something is messing it up... (Can't start "New Game, Options, or Quit.") Anyways, here's a picture showing what the tread title meant...
  5. DarkWolf4564

    Any chance on getting your previous version of game back?

    Well, I dun goofed. BADLY... I accidentally deleted my maps & saved on the wrong project. So is there any chance to get the previous version of my game back? Note: I'm so disappointed, & mad at myself. I think I just deleted all my progress. (Probably a Year's work of progress.)
  6. DarkWolf4564

    Looking for MV Busts for MV "Default Characters" (& maybe actors)

    What I'm looking for is about Busts for the "Default Characters," such as these... And more, but these are the main ones I want right now... (THE Main one I want is the "Playboy" one.) And probably some characters from DLC Packs. If there's any already made point me to it. Thanks.
  7. DarkWolf4564

    Am I Overthinking the Check if leader thing?

    Basically I'm trying to change clothes/gender depending on the character. I need to know if I'm overthinking this.
  8. DarkWolf4564

    Need Testers/Programmers for Youtuber Game (Plus others I guess)

    Hello, Fellows... I'll be looking for people who knows about "Youtubers" Especially "Gaming Youtubers." Meaning, this game will be mainly about Gaming Youtubers. I've decided that this is "community" project, also I'll be the manager/organizer since I was the one that made the main "idea"...
  9. DarkWolf4564

    Is there any Enemies as Sideview Actors?

    Hey, obviously I'm new here... And I didn't know where to put this forum/topic. Anyways, I was wondering if there's any Enemies as Sideview actors. Not to be confused with Sideview Actors as enemies, this question is basically about playing as monsters. If there is, let me know. Thanks to...

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