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  1. Darkbeetlebot

    Can't make finishing attack deal extra damage to weak enemies

    So I'm trying to make a Coup de Grace attack where the damage dealt is only 1.1*attack under normal circumstances, but it jumps up to 10*attack if the enemy is under 20% HP. However, all of the formulas I've tried so far just do not work at all. Using if b.state?(20% hp weakness state); (extra...
  2. Darkbeetlebot

    Mr Trivel's Item Info and item effect stacking

    So I'm using the above mentioned script for VX Ace, and I have a precarious problem. In my game, each weapon has a lot of effects that will no doubt spam the item info screen with tons of entries to the point that it can't display them all. It ends up looking like this: The weapon given is...
  3. Darkbeetlebot

    I can't figure out how Attack Times+ works

    So I've been trying to get the Attack Times + option in the weapon effects to work properly with my current attack system, but it seems to only work with one of the normal attack skills, and it's NOT the default one. To be clear, I'm using Yanfly Battle Command List to replace the normal attack...
  4. Darkbeetlebot

    Puzzle Trouble (Caution: long-winded)

    As the horribly unfunny title may suggest, I'm having trouble with puzzles. Everything about them, really. Let me state my question(s) before elaboration. TL;DR: How hard should puzzles be in a thinking man's strategy RPG? Should there always be a failsafe to completely avoid the puzzle? How...
  5. Darkbeetlebot

    [VX Ace] Making DEF and MDEF work as damage resist percentage

    This is going to be a rather simple, minor tutorial on how to make your DEF and MDEF stats (whatever you call them in your game) act as a percentile to damage resistance rather than a classic flat subtraction to damage dealt. Something similar to this was done in Dark Souls 2 with the elemental...
  6. Darkbeetlebot

    Idea for a mechanic, but don't know how to implement: Item Sacrifice

    So I just recently came up with a "bonus" mechanic for my more dungeon-crawly game that acts kind of like the gun altar from Borderlands 2. With this, the player would be able to approach an event of some kind such as a large vat or stone altar, discard any of their weapons or armors into it and...

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