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    help with optimisation and hitboxes

    I need some help in optimising my game. 1 -I literally have hundreds of events on each stage, because they act as a tile that you need to step on then disappear to reveal the background.See the screenshot in spoiler below for an example. Once they are triggered the tile events are erased but...

    RMMV Magical Stock Princess


    Looking for good quality, free progam for composing game music, similar to bandcamp's beat sequencer

    I am no expert, but Korg Gadget on the Nintendo Switch is very good and easy to use. The only downside (huge some people would say) is that is very limited when it comes to exporting, so I had to record it through an audio cable on the pc. But the pro is that is very easy to use and comes with...

    RMMV Magical Stock Princess - Beta available

    Beta version is ready. I have improved a lot of things. Now it just need some polish and aestethics improvements but otherwise the game is completed. It only takes 15-20 minutes to complete a playthrough, so I am looking for some brave playtesters to provide me some feedback about bugs and some...

    Which function stops the player's movement when touching an event?

    Thank you so much the plugin worked wonder for me too

    Which function stops the player's movement when touching an event?

    oh I'll follow this cause I have the same issue.

    RPG MV - Nintendo Switch

    I can share my experience so far because the japanese version has english language. I bought it with enthusiasm and so far it has disappointed greatly. While Fes has an interface conceived for the hardware, on the Switch you have the same interface of pc, only harder to navigate. It is also...

    I need some beginner advice with mapping

    thank you Andar! This is exactly the advice I needed. Simple and easy. I knew about the ! but applying it to an example like the signpost is exactly what I needed

    I need some beginner advice with mapping

    Thank you. I used the search function but I could not find it. Can you point me in the right direction for the mapping thread?
  10. IFCATS

    I need some beginner advice with mapping

    After various experiments, I decided to go with the FES tileset for my game. Now my mapping skills are equivalent to zero. I'll go around and follow some tutorials, but meanwhile I could use some specific advice to get things in motion. I would really appreciate if you could have a look at...
  11. IFCATS

    Jumping slimes and collision

    I could not get my head around the script so I ended up solving it like this. I'll post it here in case it could be useful for fellow javascript-impaired like me slimetest is the name of the slime event jumping around to kill you. The deleted lines are not relevant to the behaviour. The yellow...
  12. IFCATS

    Jumping slimes and collision

    @fizzly, I am not sure what you mean. Anyway yes, the slime jumps around the map trying to hit you. @ImaginaryVillain I'll give it a try! Thanks for helping guys!
  13. IFCATS

    Jumping slimes and collision

    So in my game i have a switch that is triggered when an event touch the player, who loses a life and is knocked back. It works (sort of) well but I have a problem with jumping enemies. If a slime or whatever jump and it lands directly on the tile where the player actor is the switch is not...
  14. IFCATS

    RMMV Magical Stock Princess - Beta available

    Magical Stock Princess The game is far from being complete, but its in a playable state from start to end. Considering I will not be able to work on it for the next days due to uni committements, I thought it is an ideal moment to get people opinions about it. I am also creating a short survey...
  15. IFCATS

    DS/DS+ Graphics Tweaked For MV?

    On this subject, I see that now the DS/DS+ dlc are heavily discounted as opposed to the same packs for MV. I am wondering if there is much difference worth the price difference, because I purchased the FES pack for MV and it"s not like it was very "optimised"... Can you help?
  16. IFCATS

    Hi ya!

    Hello everyone. I thought to play it nice and post in the introduction section, for a change. I am studying user experience at uni and we work with a few different languages (C#, Javascript, etc...) and I really got into coding recently so I was like hey let's pick up RPG Maker again now that I...

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