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  1. wltr3565

    FPS drops to under 5 when too much animated Sprites use .setBlendColor

    I have done necessary version adaptations, most of them are just obsolete functions. But I think this problem persists even before 1.6.0 because the functions regarding Sprite barely receive any change. Back to topic, I actually tried to minimize the burden by disabling several routines within...
  2. wltr3565

    FPS drops to under 5 when too much animated Sprites use .setBlendColor

    I use a lot of custom scripts for my team's project. While there are many good improvements in this latest version, 1.6.0, other things have become worse. The Scene_Battle of my team's project has both the Actors and Enemies all animated with a lot of sprite sheets and all. When more than 1 of...
  3. wltr3565

    Friends Who Don't have the Engine Can't start the game?

    You bring the RTP installer to him then he installs it in his computer so you friend can play it, physically via flashdisk or similar. By this, he don't have to download the RTP and he still can play it without including RTP. The fact still stands, though, the game needs RTP, especially if you...
  4. wltr3565

    Weekly Art Challenge #5

    Looks like I'm not late yet! :P Here's my submission, a Final Submission: Alex, both in-game, while the one playable is the 23 years old one. His younger self is in flashbacks. The fact that he was a princess got revealed pretty early in the game XD
  5. wltr3565

    Question: Battle massages and such.

    I dunno for editing those for RM2k3 and its predecessors, but for RMVX and RMVXAce, just look at the scripts, the top most part of the left column, at the Vocab section. Those are the formats for battle messages.
  6. wltr3565

    Feedback Needed - Card Based Skill System

    Ah, the second one reminds me of my deck of skills script. Does that function pretty much.  Both of those concepts are entirely different to me. The first one is more like FFVII's materia (upgrade slots) and the second one is more like Megaman Battle Network. It's up to you, but the fun of...
  7. wltr3565

    Too many battle options a bad thing?

    hmm... Well, things and that, balance speaking there. Limiting the skills / moves available hinders players' option, but actually, it makes navigating easier and decisions give more impact. To not limit them will give the players more control, but they can clutter. I'm fine with both, actually...
  8. wltr3565

    Credit roll

    I do very recommend to include Enterbrain. They're the ones who made the game engine for us, you know?
  9. wltr3565

    Cruna Aktrid (Demo is Available!)

    Phew, it has been a long time since I touched this thread again. REALLY long time! Well, it's never too late to update this page... Hehehe... I want to announce that the 2nd demo is out now! It consists around 2+ hours of gameplay including 2 major bosses! You feedback is truly appreciated...
  10. wltr3565


    @estriole: It is one of our plans, actually. But you know, the execution is just not done yet :P @m4uesviecr: In fact, it is (We should've paid more attention at our school English lessons :( ) We're struggling our best to make the grammar (and writing) as right as possible... Seems that lack...
  11. wltr3565


    @randommerade: Why, thank you :) And the spellings and grammars... Ouch :( Some spelling and grammar errors are, well, intentional, but we do notice some errors (gotta proofread more...). We're trying our best to present the game! And seems numfank hasn't told this yet. We're planning to...
  12. wltr3565

    Sprite Reflection

    I'd say this is a very nice script. But my main concern is the script's terms of use, particularly on this part: I'm using your script here, and it gives double shadows, conflicting with my other script, as depicted below:The problem probably located on your script here, and I wish to edit it...
  13. wltr3565

    Exams are coming up... So much to do, but so little time...!

    Exams are coming up... So much to do, but so little time...!
  14. wltr3565

    Cruna Aktrid (Demo is Available!)

    @archeia: Thanks, but... Is that all...? No further feedbacks like bugs/glitches or something? :( @the others: Is Rabboss that, erm... special? Well, he's my team illustrator's idea...
  15. wltr3565

    Cruna Aktrid (Demo is Available!)

    Cruna Aktrid Logo will come soon. For now, I'm showing this muscle bunny for a while being This game is my school club team's work. The main goal is to train the team and experience how a real game development goes. Seems very ambitious, isn't? The game's focus is on it's gameplay, with a...
  16. wltr3565

    Game & Map Screenshots

    My Style Route's interface. I wanna keep the menus simple, so is this fine enough?
  17. wltr3565

    Skills: What You’re Doing Wrong

    I'm really fascinated with this article. Yes, so much RPG Maker developers doesn't focus on fun combats, making the battles are merely attack command-mashing, since the balance are off too. Another thing, combat isn't only about skills, it's about what's happening while in combat. Some gimmicks...
  18. wltr3565

    Game & Map Screenshots

    @attic: The bar on the top, for now, I'll describe it as something crucial for battle mechanics. For now it only work as an eye candy. The enemy in fact is very small, got blocked by the animation :P The camera didn't cover pretty much wide. Especially I've ported so much to Ace, I need to...
  19. wltr3565

    Game & Map Screenshots

    @mister big T: The artwork is... something. Not my taste, but I do appreciate unique approaches... Enu's Tankentai Ace sure is something. The camera is robust, except RGSS3's shattered-y scaling... Any feedbacks, anyone?

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