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  1. Mordridakon

    Making equipment that can only be equipped by one character.

    This is so simple and obvious, there is probably a plug-in already for it, but I can't find it. So, I'm looking for a plug-in that makes items that can only be equipped by one character. I know you can sort of do this with types of armor or weapons, but some of my characters share armor types...
  2. Mordridakon

    To use tropes or not to use tropes in your game...

    I posted a meme in the meme thread that went something to the effect of "This has been in every JRPG since the dawn of the genre, but I'm going to make it a point to criticize it in your game." And it started a little discussion that I'd like to continue here. As I continue to get feedback, a...
  3. Mordridakon

    RMMV The Orphan of Time's Battle System

    The number one complaint of my first project(Quest to Score) was the battle system was boring and so the battles were boring. While there were more interesting battles, they all tended to come towards the end of the game, which was way too late as none of my beta testers ever got to them :( So...
  4. Mordridakon

    Random Encounters vs. Visual Encounters

    I'm about to start dungeons in my new game and I don't know which one to use. I got trashed by one beta tester for random encounters in my first game(Quest to Score) so I made it visual encounters, and got trashed by someone else for the visual encounter system I used(because I forced people...
  5. Mordridakon

    Dual Attack not animating correctly.

    I am using Future Fantasy's SVB 4(the woman in the beret) for reference here, but I'm not sure it makes a difference in this case. So anyway My character uses a gun, which matches the SVB animation. When she attacks normal, the gun animation shows. But when I use dual attack(or in this case...
  6. Mordridakon

    Does Enigmabox comply with the encryption requirement for resources TOS?

    Next week, I'm kicking my game out the door. Since I'm using almost all bought resources, I'm under the impression that I HAVE to encrypt the files. Since I still have no idea how to use the default encryption(What do I put in the encryption key box?), I'll use Enigmabox, which I have figured...
  7. Mordridakon

    sprite selection issues.

    Take a look at the screenshot, why is this happening. Why can't I select the whole sprite. This seems to be a problem with FinalBossBlue recent sprites, but I'm posting in the general because this may also be a problem with other sprite sets(Feel free to move if not). How do I fix it?
  8. Mordridakon

    How do you spice up your dungeons?

    I was playing through my game one last time before kicking it out the door, and I realized the dungeons are samey and boring, either one-map mazes with enemies on-map or multi-map straight lines with enemies on-map. ZZZZ.... So I am going to go to each dungeon(there are 7 of them) and spice most...
  9. Mordridakon

    Making bosses harder...

    In my training project, I'm finding bosses too easy in general and the end game revolves around 5 optional bosses. And I'm looking for ways to make then harder without being cheap. For example, the most recent JRPG I played, Octopath Traveler, did it by increasing independent actions per turn...
  10. Mordridakon

    Damage Formulas that scale to level.

    I've looked at the tutorials for formulas and my eyes glaze over. Math is not my forte, at all. I don't even know where to start with this. So I'm looking for magic damage formulas for player and enemy skills that scale to level of the player and enemy(since enemies have levels in my game due...
  11. Mordridakon

    A belated hello

    HI, I've been around a week, figuring out how to beta test my little game, but I decided to take the time and formally introduce myself. I am a self-published author(i published 3 books some years ago and have a new one coming out later this year). But I've decided to turn my creative talents...
  12. Mordridakon

    FREE Looking for Beta Testers

    Hello, I am looking for beta testers for my game Quest to Score, a R13/Teen game of 5-7 hours that is about a guy's quest to get laid being derailed when he is roped in by a woman into saving the world. The game is self-aware and breaks the 4th wall constantly with a serious sense of edgy...

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