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  1. IguanaGuy

    Multiple Battle Party - Main Party Together or Split?

    So what would you consider a better gameplay experience if a situation in a game made for a large scale battle and you needed help beyond your normal party to defeat the enemy. Would you rather see your main heroes split up as leaders of different parties or keep them together. The extra...
  2. IguanaGuy

    "Wrong Turn" Highway SV Battles!

    Abandoned Highway level of my Incognito Cat-Girl Battle Machines Game! (In Progress :LZYwink:) I added an unique aspect to the battles, that being the inanimate object enemies. There are Fire Barrels, Toxic Waste and the Boom a Box. Each can be attacked just as normal enemies but do not attack...
  3. IguanaGuy

    Album Designs/Mechanics

    What is a practical way to handle things like albums in your game? If the player is collecting items or photos or recipes or whatever what is the best way to make a display page for what has been obtained and what has not been. My thought was a custom map but the problem I see with that is you...
  4. IguanaGuy

    What are these useful for?

    <Blend modes - Normal, Multiply, Additive, Screen.> I see this option to use on events but beyond just using the additive one and some wait commands to make characters flash I have not seen much use for this function. Am I missing out on something here? is there a cool mechanic behind using...
  5. IguanaGuy

    Blend-S RPG Promo Poster (Fun)

    So I was bored the other night and didn't want to work on my main project. Instead I made a silly promotional "poster" for Blend S anime as if I were making an RPG Game for it. (I'm not, by the way) I made the characters, faces and SV battlers in the MV character generator and ported them to a...
  6. IguanaGuy

    Game Jam - Count Iguanaguy In!

    I am replying to the announcement about the Learning Together Game Jam. I have started my project on October 20th as requested and will have it submitted before Nov 3rd.

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