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  1. Mesajia

    LittlePIGGY's ART

    Wow, what an beautiful art style <3
  2. Mesajia

    Mesajia's GenParts (RTP Edits and Originals) (Updated 03/28/18)

    So finally I can present you my first original gen parts: The wizard robe!
  3. Mesajia


    Wow, those new hairstyles are truley amazing! Now I have some new character ideas :D
  4. Mesajia

    Starbird RTP Edits

    That's great I'm always looking for realistic side stuff. This will bring more live to my towns and villages. Thank you very much :3
  5. Mesajia

    December Goals and Progress Thread

    I started to avoid my bachelor thesis by coming back to my project :dizzy: Working a few hours at mapping a town, trying parallax and than switching to write quests should be over. With that way I din't made any progress in over a year (with long breaks). The new and more effective way is to...
  6. Mesajia

    Heroine Character Generator no ressources

    Thank you :) I found them in the generator folder :kiss:
  7. Mesajia

    Mesajia's GenParts (RTP Edits and Originals) (Updated 03/28/18)

    Thank you for your kind words :wub Today I finished the butcher. It needed a lot of redrawing, because the original is much bigger than the normal size. I get better and faster :D And I have drawn my first face parts aswell. So maybe there will be some more originals in the future :D Both...
  8. Mesajia

    Heroine Character Generator no ressources

    Hello together, I bought the Heroine Character Generator DLC a few months ago via Steam and tried to redownload it several times. But the issue is still the same: There are only three files in the folder. gradients.png, Heroine Character Generator DLC - EULA and ヒロインキャラクタージェネレーター_はじめにお読みください (my...
  9. Mesajia

    Mesajia's GenParts (RTP Edits and Originals) (Updated 03/28/18)

    Sorry, that my answer comes so late. I forgot to follow my old thread (shame on me). I moved the files to mega and updated the links. Also I want to create some new generator parts :)
  10. Mesajia

    Event One Map Game Challenge

    This sounds like a challenge I really have to join. I need to finish a project for once. My current project is going to be quite big - the problem of most of us :D Doing it in english will be challenging too, but I will try my best :D
  11. Mesajia

    Alisu's rounded tileset

    Hey Alisu, that's cool and something I was looking for :D Right now my cave is edgy and it looks more like a mine :D I will watch your thread for other designs :D
  12. Mesajia

    Khas Advanced Lighting v4.2 Ultra (now with real-time shadows!)

    Hey guys, I have an odd issue and didn't saw it in this thread yet. So I guess it's better reporting it and getting some help... The ambient light intensity won't work for me. I copied [ambient_light 10] from the demo to tint my own cave darker, but nothing happens. If I try to use an colored...
  13. Mesajia

    Retro Stuff (14th of Jan: KH emotes)

    Wow, these are sweet *.* The splash screen is really great *.*
  14. Mesajia

    Astaltw MV Ressources

    Wow, these helmets are pretty cool :) I would like to see map sprites for them. My project will contain a lot of soldiers and my hero needs to join the army. So it's great to have some variations. Some more armors would be great too.
  15. Mesajia

    Small Assortment Of Stuff

    That barrel is cool :D It gives me some inspirations for sidequests :)
  16. Mesajia

    hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    I love SV Saturday :D These look great and I can't wait to try them out as puppies from Averys wolf :D
  17. Mesajia

    Mesajia's GenParts (RTP Edits and Originals) (Updated 03/28/18)

    I added the hairband from People1_6 for Females and Kids and converted a Kids dress :)
  18. Mesajia


    Wow, these hair styles are so cool *.* Good work :)
  19. Mesajia

    Tyler's 1913 Ford Model T in 8 different colors (MV)

    Wow, what a cool idea :D
  20. Mesajia

    Side-View Actor not changing with Yanfly Plugin

    Thanks for your help Shaz :) The BattleCore and the AnimatedSVEnemies where out of date and now it works again :)

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