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  1. Nanaki_Fan

    RMVXA [DEMO] Lost Legend: Dawn of the Managate

    Version 3.0.0 of the Demo is now released: --->Download<--- Change log for Version 3.0.0: -Fixed Potion Quest NPC from blocking doorway. -Added more encounters for starting areas. Can now encounter bats and Bats+Spiders. -Added the “Spider Horde” encounter for the deepest part of the Vendale...
  2. Nanaki_Fan

    [VX/Ace] Mimic sprite/character for sideview battles

    I will take a look thank you. As to what I meant; I use a sideview battle system that allows for animated sprites to be used. So creatures are sprites with the 4 directional facings. Its why I need a sprite with a side view. Hope that makes sense.
  3. Nanaki_Fan

    [VX/Ace] Mimic sprite/character for sideview battles

    Hi all, I am trying to find a mimic sprite/character that can be used in sideview battles. All the ones I have found have either been static battler images or they are front facing only. Are there any resoruces out there that have these? Kind regards Nanaki.
  4. Nanaki_Fan

    RMVXA [DEMO] Lost Legend: Dawn of the Managate

    Hello all, I am bumping this as I am working back on the project again. I know its been a few years but I recently found the files and thought: why not continue it. Please watch this space for updates.
  5. Nanaki_Fan

    Do the Time Fantasy packs come with battlers?

    Hi all, I am thinking of making a game with the Time Fantasy packs and wondered if they came with battlers that fit the retro style? I saw that the OSM had some battlers for its sprites. If not, any idea where to get some? :D -N-
  6. Nanaki_Fan


    these look pretty neat and look like they fit the time fantasy pack too!
  7. Nanaki_Fan

    RMVXA [DEMO] Lost Legend: Dawn of the Managate

    I have a new demo coming out soon - would anyone like to test it??
  8. Nanaki_Fan

    [Tutorial] Werewolf transform - No scripts!

    updated images as photobucket links were broken
  9. Nanaki_Fan

    RMVXA [DEMO] Lost Legend: Dawn of the Managate

    Hello everyone! I am in the process of looking for alternate image hosting sites as photobucket is now behind a paywall, so sorry for all the images not working. If anyone has any ideas on a new image hosting site I will be willing to listen! In the mean time I will be live streaming a play...
  10. Nanaki_Fan

    Alennor's Workshop

    No worries :) I understand. Just glad to have you back with us!
  11. Nanaki_Fan

    Summonble Second Pet.....Balance a problem?

    Hey everyone, In the game I am working on I have a character who has the ability to call his pet wolf to his side for 6 turns. He is the first character you can get to join your party. I balanced out the summon as follows: - Only lasts 6 turns. - You can not control the Wolf. It is...
  12. Nanaki_Fan

    RMVXA [DEMO] Lost Legend: Dawn of the Managate

    Progress report: Been working on the new demo and if all goes well it might be out this weekend. Further to the posts previously posted I have: added weapon animations to some enemies added one new enemy added a special skill for Greyback to activate when 20 FP is gained. increased Greybacks...
  13. Nanaki_Fan

    Time Fantasy: Add-ons!

    These look great! Can't wait to try them out :)
  14. Nanaki_Fan

    RMVXA [DEMO] Lost Legend: Dawn of the Managate

    EDIT: Nevermind! I was live streaming but with the storm here it keeps cutting out.
  15. Nanaki_Fan

    RMVXA [DEMO] Lost Legend: Dawn of the Managate

    Been working hard on the game fixing bugs and expanding the story. Here are some screen shots from the upcoming Demo; Including the new menu system and the new world map system!
  16. Nanaki_Fan

    Alennor's Workshop

    Glad to see you're back :)
  17. Nanaki_Fan

    [OPEN]Avy's Icon Workshop

    Yes there is interest in more icons! Your work is fantastic. What I would really like to see is a more BIG icons for VX ACE from the original Icon set. MY Dream of seeing a full BIG icon set is slowly dying!
  18. Nanaki_Fan

    I need someone clean up this sprite for me

    For anyone thats interested I have re-worked this myself after reading some guides and tutorials along with Llareian's edits as a base. Here is an in game shot. Its less pix-elated than before.
  19. Nanaki_Fan

    RMDS+ Expansion: Retro SciFi: does it contain an alien sprite?

    Ahh! Many thanks, thought I was going crazy.

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