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  1. Byzantiumn

    Bye, off to Godot!

    Oh 100%, to be frank, I both see and don't see the advantage sof RPGM. Everything I feel like I learned about game design feels like I did not have to learn it in this engine, but they were all valuable lessons that will help me in my next project. There is a distinct value to RPGM that I can't...
  2. Byzantiumn

    Bye, off to Godot!

    I wanted to thank everyone for the support until now. Unfortunately I can't handle RPGMaker and how it does things. In Godot I was able to build 3 fully functioning games in the time it took me to make 1 janky barely functioning demo in RPGM, the notion that this is a beginner's engine is...
  3. Byzantiumn


    Hey, can someone please share the most detailed tutorial/walkthrough of Galvs map projectiles that exists? I can't get them to work and I have even tried just recreating the demo project from the ground up, no results ever, no combinations, I can recite you the help file at this point. No idea...
  4. Byzantiumn

    Yanfly Battle Engine

    Doesn't include font name?
  5. Byzantiumn

    ccoas XP resources

    Thanks for the share! Lots of great inspo here!
  6. Byzantiumn

    Is this a good idea, or not?

    I think you should just start putting a prototype together now and see if its fun to play. The problem with game design so far for me seems to be that what goes on in your head and what happens when you click run on that project file are complete unrelated XD
  7. Byzantiumn

    Free Art Assets!

    I added a Free Fireball FX animation to the Itch page! I made it for use with Galv Map Projectiles, but it could be used in so many ways! If you use the full 8-Frame animation it looks like its moving/morphing despite the linear path, but if you trim and just use the first frame you can use as a...
  8. Byzantiumn

    Event running even without conditions matching.

    What I recommend doing for quest systems is building as much as you can into common events. You can put the entire games quests into one common event and simply put an event on each map that calls for both the isGameStarted status and then the contents of what you need to reference, say trigger...
  9. Byzantiumn

    Free Art Assets!

    Hey everyone! A new asset on my Itch page :) After the AMAZING reception on the last sprite I wanted to release something to accompany it in your games, so now there is an NPC to go with your enemy! This king sprite is meant to be an NPC quest giver but can easily be edited to fit a...
  10. Byzantiumn

    Galvs Layer Graphics help

    EDIT: Figured it out. Hey there. Looking to use multiple layers at once, the idea is I split my cloud layers and want them running at different speeds. I would think it as simple as using all the layer plugin commands in the map settings or by issuing multiple plugin commands in an event but...
  11. Byzantiumn

    Wayward's Edits

    Nice stuff!
  12. Byzantiumn

    Getting my spike traps to work right

    I'm just going to drop this here for you friend: YEP Region Events
  13. Byzantiumn

    Free Art Assets!

    AH! Thank you :3 I keep forgetting that these forums have this feature!
  14. Byzantiumn

    Free Art Assets!

    Hi everyone! I finished a enemy sprite for my game and figured others might appreciate saving some time. This sprite is based off of the goblin mage but as you can see is much more general (meant to be usable with a crap load of weapons/items I am working on). Intended to be used as a failed...
  15. Byzantiumn

    I think what you have now is 100% worth playing tbh, even if it was just a playtest, there is...

    I think what you have now is 100% worth playing tbh, even if it was just a playtest, there is another there to see what direction you're going!!
  16. Byzantiumn

    Call another map event to avoid duplicating code

    I'll be real I think your over attachment to doing this in code is the problem. The user suggesting common events had the right answer IMO, even with its many restrictions in consideration
  17. Byzantiumn

    RMMZ back to drawing boards

    Keep me posted for the dev stuff!
  18. Byzantiumn

    Ooh, first time seeing your stuff, moon magic YIS??!?

    Ooh, first time seeing your stuff, moon magic YIS??!?
  19. Byzantiumn

    RMMV Plugin Conflict? (YEP EngineCore and SRD GameUpgrade)

    We This! IT WAS THIS! Thanks both to you and Andar for taking the time to look into this for me!
  20. Byzantiumn

    RMMV Plugin Conflict? (YEP EngineCore and SRD GameUpgrade)

    Th Thanks for the reply! I tried ordering things again based on the order of the list in the link, unfortunately I still get the same error so I will have to see if I can find any other info.

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