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  1. RPG Maker MZ Dragonbones Support

    <Dragonbones Battler Settings> Battler: raindren Scale X: -0.4 Scale Y: 0.4 Height: 0 Time Scale: 1.0 Motion Walk: Idle Motion Wait: Idle Motion Chant: Idle Motion Guard: Idle Motion Damage: Damage Motion Evade: Idle Motion Thrust: Attack A Motion Swing: Attack B Motion Missile...
  2. I'll make a MZ plugin for your game

    Hi There can you make a relationship/intimacy plugin that's compatible with Visu Stella. - Tells player relationship from 1-10 (higher relationship gives player rewards/skills)
  3. MZ Common Events Support

    Sorry about that Im working with secret stuff but here we go. I fixed how the picture wasnt showing but now I only have the level wont go up past level 2
  4. MZ Common Events Support

    Im having some issues with the gacha summoning. While I can make a number to get a random character, the character picture doesn't open and if I have them already, they dont level up past lvl 2. I have no idea what I did wrong. Any suggestions?
  5. RPG Maker MV / MZ Script Call List

    I am try to do a scrip command for if a certain party member is the leader, their image would pull their picture? Any help would be appreciated
  6. Pet Summon Plugin

    Yes, I can't show certain info since this is a big game im doing but im using a random actor to test. So ren is a pet with notetag <Pet>, I do have one of the actor class with adding a skill type and on the actor <Add Summon: 10> (tried other ways but didnt summon pet), and I have a skill with a...
  7. [CGMZ] Core

    Hello, do you know if this is compatible with Visual Stella?
  8. Pet Summon Plugin

    I must be doing something wrong, I'm referencing the Quickstart but can't find out why. Not sure if its because Im trying to do a full party and have only 1 pet with it, but when I tried to increase the party size, the pet is already in as a party member without being summoned.
  9. Pet Summon Plugin

    that would be great!!! been scratching my head when I create this game and it took me 6 months to work out 1 plugin that didn't have a good explanation.
  10. Pet Summon Plugin

    THIS IS AMAZING! JUST WHAT I WANTED!! Would you have a tutorial on how to do it? Im putting the right notetags, but have a hard time making them appear in battle (Side view) Also using VisuBattleSystemSTB
  11. RMMZ VisuStella Impact, pop up and STB question.

    So if you want to add the element weakness pop up your going to need the weakness popup plugin. Make sure to get the individual plugin since they give you the png of "Resist", "Critical", and "Absorb". If you need more help let me know.
  12. RMMZ STB Common Event

    Hello, we're you able to make the common event where every enemy is exploited and you attacked? I've been working figuring out the right command sequence for the last few months. Would you mind helping out
  13. Party Window Change

    I had the side view UI which I thought looked clean but after seeing this muliple times (Top Image). I think these party window looks cleaner. I reset my UI back to the default (Bottom Image). I looked into CoreEngine but dont know how I could change it. Any Ideas anyone
  14. The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    I see that your using the exploit system. As someone who's just trying to find out how to implement enemy/ally's weakness, how did you do it? I looked on the YT video and yanfly page, but I got everything activated. I am not sure if its a common event I need to do or I need to have note tags in...
  15. How to implement every possible Yanfly Tips & Tricks effect in MZ with VisuStella plugins

    Looking at this I think I implemented it right. But how can I tell if the buff worked? Is there an icon or something?
  16. [RMMV] DragonBones 2d Animation Integration

    Do you know what this picture they are looking for? I have been looking for it but havent found it yet. It seems to not be in the plugin folders given
  17. RMMV DragonBones Tech Support

    Thank you after looking at my folders I found out that I didnt have the folders properly setup, but now that I fixed everything. I run into this issue. Not sure if the plugins are out of date, but if someone could point me my way that would be great
  18. RMMV DragonBones Tech Support

    I was almost done laying out my game when I was building the enemies and I was using "DragonBones Integration". I got this error message when I did a test fight. This is my current notes on the enemy and I have the exact folder placement as Yanfly. Does anyone know what I did wrong or where they...

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