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  1. The Right Hand Man

    RPG Maker MV opens but shows only a white screen

    Oh really? Sorry for the inconvenience. Will try to update my driver. You can close this thread now.
  2. The Right Hand Man

    RPG Maker MV opens but shows only a white screen

    Eyh? Updating my graphic drivers? Dear,I guess I'll just stick with VX Ace then. I got some good memories with this old driver.
  3. The Right Hand Man

    RPG Maker MV opens but shows only a white screen

    As the title says. Here's a pic: Can anyone help me fix this?
  4. The Right Hand Man

    The Tales that only Manah knows (Demo ready!)

    All I have to say is,I'm stuck at the blocked way to Tenkatai or whatever. That old man said to go 1 east 3 north and 3 east (or summat like that),but I keep thinking... FROM WHERE?! 1 step east,3 step north and 3 step east,from and to where? Good game by the ways,but some more info would be...
  5. The Right Hand Man


    What,no male characters? I really like your portraits of the characters. Your project seems interesting. Title name sounds original ( who knows just by adding a -er- to a word makes a great title.
  6. The Right Hand Man

    The Resource WIP thread 2

    I think I'll post my WIP edits of holders' animated battlers:  Soll Gunner to match an RTP character Some kind of Black Mage Cowboy
  7. The Right Hand Man

    Ship Tilesets Required

    Thanks! I think I'll use the XP rtp ship tiles. But that doesn't needs me to own RPG Maker XP to legally rip and use it in VX Ace? EDIT:Nevermind.I found one heck of a ship in a link in the resource blacklist. Thanks anyway.
  8. The Right Hand Man

    Ship Tilesets Required

    Anyone know some good ship tilesets that is not a rip,and is made for RPG Maker Vx Ace (so I don't have to own more than one RPG Maker). Thanks
  9. The Right Hand Man

    The Most Important Question: Vanilla Coke (The official be a little bit silly thread)

    Vanilla coke is grossgusting. Eh,to me of course. 
  10. The Right Hand Man

    Can anyone remove this sprite's cape?

    Can any remove this sprite's cape and,on it's up view,add it's armor: The one with the brown gloves. Thanks.
  11. The Right Hand Man

    Show Text command that doesn't pause?

    I've found the wait text code,but I can't find the non-pause text code.
  12. The Right Hand Man

    Show Text command that doesn't pause?

    Any knows how? It's like a Show Text message action,but doesn't pause the game. Oh,and I like the message to have a duration. So after X seconds,this message disappears and then that one appears.
  13. The Right Hand Man

    charecters that hijack the story -_-

    I don't quite understand your comment. What's usually the main character?
  14. The Right Hand Man

    charecters that hijack the story -_-

    So,what you need here is how your story goes about the hijacker joining the party? Is the "Someone else" sick (might be her mom or summat)?
  15. The Right Hand Man

    How to add variable numbers in text messages?

    Like the title says.Any knows how?
  16. The Right Hand Man

    Is New Here

    Hello and welcome. Doing request is allowed,obviously.Instead of doing static battlers,try doing animated ones! They are pretty much a thousand times better than static ones.
  17. The Right Hand Man

    'Ello from ******ia!

    Sorry for the double post. I will now try to understand the rules from now on. I like using the word "******". Because,irl I am one.

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