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  1. AmazingKazuki

    Character death, things to consider?

    Having a character death in a game is what I've debated in every project. Not that I have one in each one, just debate it as I'm writing the story. Character death can be an impactful tool and an emotional shock to players, in my opinion, because when players get attached and you kill off that...
  2. AmazingKazuki

    Hello fellow game creators

    Yes, welcome and good luck with your project!
  3. AmazingKazuki

    RMMV Message box name position

    Is there a way you can link the script/plugin? I don't use MV much but I can probably help find the line and suggest adjustments.
  4. AmazingKazuki

    Setting up other font

    And make sure that when giving out the project folder for downloads, the font is included. Otherwise, your audience will just see the normal font preset. This happened to me in RPG Maker VX Ace where I used a cartoony font but my friends all saw some standard, normal font. Which also meant...
  5. AmazingKazuki

    Skill Requirement: Add a new Skill when actor has learned 2 specific skills.

    This is the place to ask for help so don't worry about that. I'm not familiar with using that script. It seems that the script is there to help a player learn the skill when they have a piece of equipment on. However, the link provided for the download no longer seems to work or isn't wanting to...
  6. AmazingKazuki

    "Tales of" inspired skits? POLL

    I saw in your original post that you were thinking that the skits would be optional. You also mentioned it would show that character interaction. Personally, if I had the time and resources, I'd do it. Especially if optional, some may feel it adds to the game or if they fall in love with the...
  7. AmazingKazuki

    Getting a state if your TP reaches 0

    Two things come to mind but I'm not the best at solving these issues. 1. Is there anything on the state that could interfere with the conditioning? 2. Are the plugins in the right order? Have you tried other conditions like this on other states and they have worked or not worked?
  8. AmazingKazuki

    HELP! How to change the skill description text`s position.

    Where would you really like to change it to? Keeping it in the yellow box or outside of it?
  9. AmazingKazuki

    HELP! How to change the skill description text`s position.

    I probably won't see your response and maybe someone else will know sooner than I but for clarification can you post a screenshot of what it is you're exactly trying to change/reposition?
  10. AmazingKazuki

    [help] Skill: 75% chance crit & a debuff that receive x2 damage

    I believe you should be able to debuff the enemy, but inflicting a state that drops the enemy's DEF and MDF by 50% (or 2 drops of 25%) and then in the state, there should be an option to remove after receiving some damage and you can fill that with whatever you'd like.
  11. AmazingKazuki

    [help] Skill: 75% chance crit & a debuff that receive x2 damage

    I'm not well versed in MV. Do you want a single move to debuff the enemy, buff the player and do more damage? Or a single move that buffs player, debuff enemy and then another attack that comes in and deals x2 damage if the enemy has a specific debuff on them?
  12. AmazingKazuki

    Looking for help over a bizarre bug.

    Are you using a font that isn't the default font? If not, strange. Try switching fonts to check and see results. Another thing is are you using any plugins that would change fonts and or clash with the default font?
  13. AmazingKazuki

    Changing MP

    Are you using a state? I was going to say if you're using a state to pull this off, you could try adding a single step to the counter before taking it off and maybe seeing if that works. Otherwise, I'd have to see a screenshot to even try and sort it out for myself.
  14. AmazingKazuki

    Setting states on enemies at beginning of battle

    I think you can do this in the enemy pages but you could do it in the troop's tab. Under the troop you add these enemies too, you can have it start at the beginning of the battle and place it on the enemies right away. Add a little text, if you want, stating it.
  15. AmazingKazuki

    RMMV Level/Stat Upgrade system with events

    You can use items to raise stats, but you can also use a common event shop to easily do a shop that maybe uses currency to do the same.
  16. AmazingKazuki

    RMMV Level/Stat Upgrade system with events

    I think the stat increase idea is great. I think it offers something for people to customize, look for boosting certain states, etc, especially if you do more things with higher/lower stats (maybe puzzle or certain item requirements). The only concern I'd have is can you erase "Level 1" from the...
  17. AmazingKazuki

    jobs vs class's what do you think

    My friend said something that makes so much sense to me. Class is something that is locked and jobs are something you can change. That is what I like, too. Jobs you can change even in the real world, so if you become an Alchemist to Guardsmen to Hunter versus locking in as a Warrior class...
  18. AmazingKazuki

    Conditional state/debuff immunity

    If I understand correctly, you should be able to have this by going into the character's traits in the database and under the box to the right opt-in to make them immune or even more acceptable to certain states. This should provide you with what you want where the state will be immune but they...
  19. AmazingKazuki

    FREE REQUEST (SECOND DEMO UPDATE!)The Power of the Arcane(MV)

    Idea bouncing is great with me. I'll add you on Discord if that is okay and if you need me, I'd be more than happy to help.
  20. AmazingKazuki

    FREE REQUEST (SECOND DEMO UPDATE!)The Power of the Arcane(MV)

    It looks like this idea for your game has a few willing participants. I've also been looking to flex some creative muscles but looks unclear of what you truly need.

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