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  1. tsunetakaryu

    Ryusa Footstep Sound Effects System

    Check this parameter which called Function Switch in my plugin, set a number to matching a switch id. But we can't use 0 as switch id since it means nothing.
  2. tsunetakaryu

    Ryusa Footstep Sound Effects System

    In fact, this plugin was made from the same name's VA version rough script by myself: I can share a download link to google drive while I'm free, or you can simply copy the script codes yourself, since almost every configs are similar with MV version. ...
  3. tsunetakaryu

    Ryusa Footstep Sound Effects System

    Maybe you need to set a switch (Switch ID 24 by default) to toggle this plugin. For further help, you can post a screenshot with plugin parameters config. 
  4. tsunetakaryu

    Ryusa Footstep Sound Effects System

    yep, feel free to use it!
  5. tsunetakaryu

    Ryusa Footstep Sound Effects System

    Ryusa Footstep Sound Effects System v1.2 Responsive footstep sound efx when actor moving   Check this vedio for pireview:   Features Unique sound samples (up to 10) for each type of terrains Randomized with Round-Robin Algorithm, Samples from each certain type of terrain will be playing...
  6. tsunetakaryu

    Analog Move

    thx, I'll take a look.
  7. tsunetakaryu

    Analog Move

    Sanshiro san, I'd like to tell you the facing right problem still exist. Following is the event content.  When the balloon popping up, the actor always facing right. I'll I've create a fresh vanilla project only with your plugin to screen the problem.  Yep, maybe that's the problem. Since...
  8. tsunetakaryu

    Shadow Partner

    A new way to let the vampire or zombie allies evading damages from enemies troop. They can create some shadows. Great plugin. 
  9. tsunetakaryu

    Overriding States

    Thanks, leveled buffs and debuffs stats -- that's what I want.  BTW, may I change downloaded your previous plugins' name with a prefix "HIME_"? Since I don't know whether is case sensitive.  I'd like to do so that will have a better look in the plugin manager. 
  10. tsunetakaryu

    Enemy Reinforcements

    This plugin reminds me of a NDS game, Metal Max 2R. There are 3 individual wanted boss in the sea, while encounter any one from them, there is a high chance that the other two will reinforce to this boss battle. They reinforcing each other. Such good friends... BTW, the MOG_EnemyHP 1.0 with...
  11. tsunetakaryu

    Mr.Liu's Plugin Collection: BetterTroopSorting + DrawEventsShadow

    Note: I'm just a porter, not the original scripts writer(Mr. Liu or 过眼云烟 [Guo Yan Yun Yan]). Since Mr. Liu can't read the English texts but want to share those plugins for us, I asked for his authorize then post it at here.  MrLiu_EnemyPosition by 过眼云烟 Auto Set Enemy Position in the Side-view...
  12. tsunetakaryu

    FluidTimestep -- Fix the game speed

    yep, no freezing anymore. Thanks! 
  13. tsunetakaryu

    PH - Warehouse/Storage

    Wocao that's a epic update! Tons of thanks!  (Wocao = amazing and fuxking great)
  14. tsunetakaryu

    FluidTimestep -- Fix the game speed

    Mate, I found a minor bug with this plugin enabled, while I press F9 or use the main menu ( or any other way ) to call the debug scene, sometimes the game will be freeze. 
  15. tsunetakaryu

    Analog Move

    Strange, I've copied the buggy event into a test map then pasted to a new event, and try to screen the key command which cause the problem, but nothing special happened.  Maybe you can disregard this problem temporarily, and your next update will be luckily fixing this minor bug automatically...
  16. tsunetakaryu

    PH - Warehouse/Storage

    Great, that's wonderful. Thanks! 
  17. tsunetakaryu

    PH - Warehouse/Storage

    Some plugin that allow to share some certain variable across the saves should be enough, or a plugin will write / read a new file (e.g. roundcount.ini *encrypted* ) to analysis the game's round number, so that it can be send to a certain variable.  I think it wouldn't be conflict with your...
  18. tsunetakaryu

    Analog Move

    Sorry but I found a bug after the scenario event command the troop to take a move, after finished moving the troop will not response the keyboard command (can't move), and the troop except the leader will idling with a running animation, the troop leader one the other hand, always face to right...
  19. tsunetakaryu

    Szyu's Crafting System

    I should say I found something... A very-new started game with the player in a small tester map, a chest with lots of materials for crafting, and a event with plugin command "CraftingSystem open 0", in this case the ingredients were displayed normally and I can countinue my crafting. But after...
  20. tsunetakaryu

    PH - Warehouse/Storage

    But I strongly recommended that you keep this function as a optional. Since there are tons of game which allow us to play a new-game-plus (second round, third round, etc). The shared chest will make it possible to store the legendary armors and weapons across the saves, player can access the...

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