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  1. ConnyState

    RMMZ [MZ & MV v1.9.1] Shora Lighting & Shadow System

    Hi, could anyone help me with this issue I'm having, I'm not sure if it's plugin limitations or if I'm doing something wrong? But basically, some lights go through walls when they shouldn't, some lights don't display due to the "Shadow Ambient" and the "Top Block Ambient" parameters being set to...
  2. ConnyState

    RMMV - Change Default Battle Face?

    I was hoping to do something like this, I bet it's really easy with the use of some plugins but I am still struggling. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  3. ConnyState

    RMMV Khas Ultra Lighting loading glitch

    thank you very much for your help, feel free to let me know if you find the plugin similar to khas's, but for now, I will be checking out the other ones you provided.
  4. ConnyState

    RMMV Khas Ultra Lighting loading glitch

    has anyone encountered this before and possibly know how to fix this? this is driving me crazy. anytime when I enter some specific maps for the first time KUL breaks and preloads the lights for about half a second. Bug Demonstration
  5. ConnyState

    What's the best way to parallax map?

    I'm interested in parallax mapping my game, I remember how to do it, but I've been wondering if over the years new stuff has come out to make parallaxing easier or more convenient.

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