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  1. wizaerd

    Orange "Move Character To"

    At the end of the different movement steps, set your switch. It's not rocket science.
  2. wizaerd

    Orange "Move Character To"

    Why exactly do you need the plugin to do this when you can easily do it yourself in the same event, right after the movement.
  3. wizaerd

    Random encounter hides other events

    Kinda bummed out either nobody else has noticed this, or even cares. It's much more noticeable on a map with lots of events...
  4. wizaerd

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Never mind, I looked at it wrong...
  5. wizaerd

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Yanfly, will we ever get Enemy HP bars in your Battle based pluigns?
  6. wizaerd

    help with editing the cliff tiles in MV

    Are you asking how to do it graphically, in GIMP?  Because that's really up to the artist. 
  7. wizaerd

    Copy Project and Change Name?

    In the SYstem Tab is where you'll find your project/games name.
  8. wizaerd

    Teleport spell that only lists visited locations

    You could also use built in script calls to add visited locations to an array, and then in the common event just read the locations from the array, and build your list appropriately. There are as many solutions to a common problem as there are ways to skin a cat.  No specific way is right or...
  9. wizaerd

    how do i put custom images for enemies, and get them to show

    Countless other people have done this so it's doubtful it's a bug.  Send a screenshot or two because it is most likely operator error.  Or incorrect image types.
  10. wizaerd

    Googleplay wont publish my game

    Seems to me regardless if you charge for it or not, you created it with the trial version and as such you do not own the rights to publish it at all...
  11. wizaerd

    Picture Origin Point "Center"

    I know this isn;t going to be helpful except to say I don;t think there's a bug because I'm using Center for my images, and it displays correctly.
  12. wizaerd

    Weapon Sprites Enhanced

    Does this work with Yanfly's plugins, specifically the Battle Action Sequence ones?
  13. wizaerd

    Script Call Not Working

    If it's an autorun, you were sure to erase the event afterwards, right? SO it doesn't run over, and over, and over, and over...
  14. wizaerd

    Convert Json database to another format and back

    There is a plugin available for Notepad++ for viewing the JSON data in a hierarchical tree view, as well as a formatter... A JSON viewer plugin for notepad++. Displays the selected JSON string in a tree view. Author: Kapil Ratnani Source: Homepage...
  15. wizaerd

    Animated Enemies

    Yeah, I didn't get this impression that you were being sarcastic or ungrateful or anything...  That's why I told them to chill out.  Don't see how anyone could've misinterpreted your posting.
  16. wizaerd

    Animated Enemies

    Why are you being a jerk to them?  They didn't say anything negative at all... IN fact they said that the work on a visual equipment plugin was amazing, that they were going to wait patiently, as well as wishing Rexall luck...  How about you calm down... sheesh...
  17. wizaerd

    Pre-made (Yanfly's) Action Sequence Sharing and Discussions

    This is a good thread, but eventually it'll be fairly hard to find any pre-made action scripts within it...  May I suggest starting a master list of all the submitted action scripts, assuming there are any... It is after all one of the alleged purposes of this thread.
  18. wizaerd

    MBS - Map Zoom

    Thanx... I'll check out the new re-centering tonight when I get home...
  19. wizaerd

    Random encounter hides other events

    In a big dungeon map, I have random chests throughout the map, as well as a few other events.  And I also have random encounters turned on. When the screen flashes prior to a random encounter, any events within view temporarily disappear. Has anyone else noticed this, and is there way to prevent...
  20. wizaerd

    MBS - Map Zoom

    There's a parameter for the plugin "Reset on Map Change"... set it to False

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