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  1. MatTokki

    How can I use an old-style animation sheet instead of efkseer in MZ??

    Am I confusing this with something else? I thought there was an update long ago that made that available in MZ but I can't find it from animation tap, there are effekseer list only. thx in advance
  2. MatTokki

    Is it possible to use dmg formula which stored in variables??

    Things mentioned in main post is really all that I want to do with this. More specifically, I want to setup some kind of preset of damage formula that easy to edit in future. For example, let's say I want to have two large category of skill dmg: weak / strong weak: a.atk * 2 - b.def * 1 +...
  3. MatTokki

    Is it possible to use dmg formula which stored in variables??

    I know I can use variable by v[x] code but what I want to do here is storing the whole formula(ex: 'a.atk * 2 - b.def' to variables[1]) in variables, and using it in skill's dmg formula box, so I can just use 'v[1]' as a formula, instead of typing a.atk *2 - b.def everytime. I tried to do this...
  4. MatTokki

    Conditional skill execute

    Hi. I would like to ask how can I conditionalise the skill execution. For example: Using skill A while having certain state effect result in skill to fail (in technical, it just fires different skill). I tried to make this by using of dummy skill chained with common event, but it feels like...
  5. MatTokki

    This may weird question but..

    Nevermind Ive found it. looks like mz has it's own entire category lol I'll delete this post after I figure out how to delete. What a strange board
  6. MatTokki

    This may weird question but..

    Where is MZ board? I can't find it in board menu, and MZ is only maker that missing there too. sorry for weird question but I don't know where to ask this
  7. MatTokki

    RPG Maker MZ 1.0.2 released.

    Is the link correct? It seems like it's full installer, rather than update files..
  8. MatTokki

    Earth World Map

    Wait, So if I managed to do map property in one stroke and never mess it up, than I can do larger than 256 256? Is there any other known bugs to go over 256? Thansk
  9. MatTokki


    Why not on steam, tho? I mean this definitely looks like most steam-legit RM game I've ever seen and it just humbly resign to ichio? Hmm.. Although I probably not gonna buy your game simply because it's not my element, but I hope best of luck for your game.
  10. MatTokki

    RMMV Journey to the East v.3.01 (New Version Released!)

    Oh it's really a bug then. I'm Ok with it I was bit concerned whether it's me wrong or bug, because there are chest in the room and nobody asked about this in thread. haha Enjoying game so far. Good luck to next one!
  11. MatTokki

    RMMV Journey to the East v.3.01 (New Version Released!)

    Uh.. actually 100 50 25 is what I come up with at first time but game don't take 50 as a correct answer. sooo....
  12. MatTokki

    RMMV Journey to the East v.3.01 (New Version Released!)

    I have a question about one of the queeze. It says: A girl is twice as old as her brother and half as old as her father. In 50 years, her brother will be half as old as his father. How old is the daughter now? It seems question have a multiple answer so either me somehow misunderstood...
  13. MatTokki

    I think this resource pack should be cheaper...

    Steam cut is usually around 30% which is, in my opinion, absurdly high. And that's the reason I only use steam as last choice.
  14. MatTokki

    [RSW] Touhou: Oracle of Forgotten Testament

    OK one more copy sold
  15. MatTokki

    [RSW] Touhou: Oracle of Forgotten Testament

    Does this game have a koakuma character? I'll buy it if so!
  16. MatTokki

    Eternal Twilight

    Oh you still working on this game. Glad to know :D Hope best of luck!
  17. MatTokki

    The Wooden Ocean

    Looks interesting but how close to the completion?
  18. MatTokki


    Looks like very serious attempt. Good luck! And surely looks gorgeous.
  19. MatTokki

    Ancient Dungeons: Winter is now live!

    Hello Can I purchase your set and upsizing it to MV standard for use? I saw you mentioned resizing plugin but I like 48*48 size, so..

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