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  1. Droth

    Add skills multiple times

    Basically the idea is to have weapons that can be fired once per turn per weapon, and having the restriction be heat generated instead of ending your turn, so you can use all of your weapons (or other skills) and then choose to end your turn. If that makes more sense? So if a character has two...
  2. Droth

    Add skills multiple times

    Hey there, I'm working on a project where I assign skills based on what weapons are equipped. I am using Yanfly's Skill Restrictions: to add cooldowns so that the abilities can only be used once per turn. Right now I...
  3. Droth

    Enemy force action target help

    Hey, So I've been trying to design a boss fight with a mechanic where the boss calls out his target, issues a warning in text and then a turn later uses the skill. I'm using Tsukihime's Cast time script for the delay. So the attack works like this: Boss uses first ability, which chooses a target...

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