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  1. Joronjo

    A Different Clarity (contains religion, politics and sex)

    Good luck with this! It's looking very interesting.
  2. Joronjo


    Yanfly has an enemy AI plugin that would fit like a glove for this as well as a state manager that could help with the Ymir battle
  3. Joronjo

    Gilgamesh is a bonus boss.

    Like Wavelength said, you can very easily rely on a "totally-not-Gilgamesh" character that's an obvious allusion. It can have the benefit of being it's own character while satisfying the desire for "bumbling and likable idiot swordsman". Alternatively, you can also just have him be a nameless...
  4. Joronjo

    World Maps

    That{s actually a really interesting point. The types i wrote down are far from an etched in stone thing, but yeah, the way the classic megaman and mega man X do maps is really interesting. You have a hub but most of the paths are already open to you and they can be taken in any order
  5. Joronjo

    TRADE REQUEST Looking for a Sprite Artist - Willing to make maps in return

    Hey i'm kinda interested in working on a project to get myself back in my rhythm. What kind of sprites you looking for?
  6. Joronjo

    Creating a Sunbeam Effect

    Your tutorial is great and simple and if you want i have some small tips for making the lines more straight. If you hold Shift while drawing with a brush it will lock it in a direction so you can make the lines straight and just rotate them when you're done. Alternatively, you can (while still...
  7. Joronjo

    World Maps

    I really loved it in the older games, specially Gold, Ruby and Platinum because the world felt so big and full of secrets but wrapped around. One of my favorite things ever in Gold was when i got surf and fly, went back to Newbark and just went to Kanto even though i could not go further. I...
  8. Joronjo

    World Maps

    While I've been planning out my game I got myself into a small but hard decision: what kind of world map/hub should i go for my game. And the more i thought about I just started analyzing the pros and cons of most types of maps that you can find in an RPG game. I made a short list showing the...
  9. Joronjo

    Enemy Collapse

    It's late but i feel you may still be interested. While i don't think you could actually change it without a lot of complex scripting, I think its possible to fake it at least.I'll be trying to do that with my own game so i can tell you if it succeeds
  10. Joronjo

    Jo's rm2k/3 Sketch portraits

    I like the style. Reminds me of Kirby's dreamland 3
  11. Joronjo

    JK_DirectShop - Skip buy/sell window on purchase/sell only

    This feels like it would be perfect for a vending machine
  12. Joronjo

    Mutation Engine Plugins | Count: 17+

    Could this be used to remove the window frame around the menu? As in, just have the text floating
  13. Joronjo

    Dynamic Traits and Effects

    That may be the one I was thinking about when I saw this and got them mixed up. I'll try that one, thanks !
  14. Joronjo

    Dynamic Traits and Effects

    Can this remove a state and store it in a variable to retrieve after battle? Like for example, if I want to create a skill that temporarily removes passive states, like Gastro Acid from pokemon, could this plugin do it?
  15. Joronjo

    Experience Gauge Bar in Menu

    I assume you are using it with the pretty gauges plugin, right?
  16. Joronjo

    Change Battleback

    Would this work to build an animated background that cycles between different frames?
  17. Joronjo

    Enemy Classes

    Thanks Hime! This was the plugin i was waiting for! Would this work with any enemy level plugin?
  18. Joronjo

    Help Window is not assigned size

    I still haven't been able to fix my problem. If anyone wants to check it out themselves, i attached my project below.
  19. Joronjo

    Help Window is not assigned size

    I already tried putting the snippet at the bottom of the list. I also tried not having any plugins and the game just crashed instead. The only plugin that could have had an impact is Yanfly's Message core (and i noticed the problem after i turned word wrapping on) but I've tried turning it off...
  20. Joronjo

    Running a snippet at battle start/during battle phase

    Its been almost a week and i still don't have a solution. 

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