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  1. Start learning how to code with Ruby/RGSS using RMXP : suggestions?

    Hi! Thanks for sharing your recommendation on alternative options since I prefer sometimes to stick with the editor I'm comfortable with. Speaking of your insight on JavaScript and ES6 classes, I'm actually curious - what other languages or frameworks do you recommend for someone looking to...
  2. [CGMZ] Professions

    Hey there! Newbie aboard:rhappy: I'm curious whether you have had a chance to try out any of the customization options yet - ? I'm particularly interested in checking out the different window skins and being able to set the list window width. Have you played around with these settings yet?

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Art Twitter is nice, Im so used to that platform being....A literal maw of despair.
with the apartment done, I've finished work on the first area and begun the tutorial. Have a sneak peak at the Biting Boroughs.
Maybe it's just me...but it feels like everyone else has perfectly normal and respectable game threads except for me and @TESTOSTERONE, whose threads are a mess of discussions and jokes with very little relation to our actual games.

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