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  1. esziaprez

    RMMV Freeze map with custom menu

    I encountered a similar problem. Many systems in my game are based on the scrolling of an in-game time that I wish to stop at will. I came across this topic while looking for a solution. Since I ended up finding a solution that I like, I thought I had to share it for the next ones who are...
  2. esziaprez

    Character Gen Helmet and futuristics weapons

    _________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ Adaptation from my old abandonned TRPG...
  3. esziaprez

    Salut, I ll try to use your excellent script Le TBS to convert a old XP project with Gubid sTBS...

    Salut, I ll try to use your excellent script Le TBS to convert a old XP project with Gubid sTBS on MV. First time can I to use 8 directions on TBS move and skill ?
  4. esziaprez

    Esz's African inspiration tiles & others

    Thank you every body for your kind messages. It really pleases me to know that my creation pleases to people. Not really, this is a mix of styles. Like some masks from Tchad (I don't know tribe's name, maybe Haoussa) for the long bottom and like Luba for the round top??? Free inspiration:p...
  5. esziaprez

    NotePad++ theme whit (Full RpgMaker MV syntax)

    I already installed but I do not really use it. Actually I have the latest photoshop and I prefer to use gimp and photophiltre combined. I'm really too lazy to train myself in a new tool.B) But I think it becomes indispensable...;_;
  6. esziaprez

    NotePad++ theme whit (Full RpgMaker MV syntax)

    Thank you very much! You're my hero!
  7. esziaprez

    Brunovisk Resources Iconic SV Weapons/ SV Actors

    Thanks! I think there is a little problem with the eyes... Maybe better like that : But he look like furious. Why everyone thinks the Yeti is wicked. He must be sad that no one likes him. :P
  8. esziaprez

    Visual Equipment!

    It was very easiest finaly... BD Change at line 221 Change at line 585 or Something like that... It work but it was too easy to work well... I erase this._pose of the Sprite_Part.prototype to use directly the game system._pose value. i wish it don't have any importance for the reste...
  9. esziaprez

    Visual Equipment!

    First I try to change this Game_System.prototype.setPose = function(id,pose){ this._pose =this._pose || []; if(pose){ this._pose[id] = "_" + pose; }else{ this._pose[id] = null; Game_System.prototype.updateActors(); }} Sprite_Part.prototype.HSV = function(){...
  10. esziaprez

    Visual Equipment!

    Hi, This script is very very cool and useful. But I have a problem. In the code, the $gameSystem._actorPose and $gameSystem._pose are only for one character simultaneously and I want to change pose to more than one character same time with différent poses. I'm trying to make an array...
  11. esziaprez

    Customisable egyptian ship

    Hi, Today I share a new tileset. Know you can create your own Egyptian boats. I still have to improve the contours and add some other pieces and shadows. But the tileset can already be used. NB: For the bottom of the mat, use an event at the same level as the actor and through. The...
  12. esziaprez

    Esz's rmmv (Others) New ship

    Thanks you M.I.A. BD Same usage :
  13. esziaprez

    Esz's rmmv (Others) New ship

    Yes absoloutly ! The opportunity to negotiate with a doorman not very friendly to get Inside the pub while the night is cold (lol  :P  in my project) I have some others doors in my african pack if you want.
  14. esziaprez

    Esz's rmmv (Others) New ship

    USAGE Roman/phenician ship POTS EDITED DOORS SIGNS POINTS CHARACTERS Rock-paper-scissors Template (remember AlexKid :p ) and she dance when she's victorious
  15. esziaprez

    Actual War resources

    I add some walking character elements today.
  16. esziaprez

    Actual War resources

    I will make GIGN uniform for sure. Maybe SWAT and world polices later.   Yes, and faces too but step by step, depending on my motivation. For now I work as a priority on my African inspirations pack.
  17. esziaprez

    Actual War resources

    Of course, there is US and Russian army. For Russia that's the actually camouflage color. There is French too cause I'm french :rock-left: RU You can find an other original helmet and futuristic weapons here :
  18. esziaprez

    Actual War resources

    Hi friends, Today, I propose some generator parts (SV actor) about military uniforms for your games. I'll add some uniforms, faces, characters if somebody is interessed but for the moment I propose : Desert operation force (inspired by us army 1st golf war). USAGE DESERT OPERATION...
  19. esziaprez

    Brunovisk Resources Iconic SV Weapons/ SV Actors

    I make this face for your Yeti (Free for all).
  20. esziaprez

    World at war Pack

    There is a place to the resources on working ? All the resources is not completed, it's to propose and have a feedback.

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