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  1. hyun8675

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Hi, Yanfly. I want to report a bug that I found (or maybe just my mistake) using window10 Script Name: YEP_X_ExtMesPack1 (v1.10) List of Scripts Used (with version): YEP_MessageCore(v1.17), YEP_X_ExtMesPack1 (v1.10) Bug Description: Letter sound is lagged when i used on...
  2. hyun8675

    VE - Battle Command Window

    thank you victor i solved a problem :)
  3. hyun8675

    VE - Battle Command Window

    how can i adjust party command window width?  i want to look like video (width full size)
  4. hyun8675

    VE - Arrow Cursor

    wow l love this plugin  thank you victor
  5. hyun8675

    Galv's Quest Log

    this is very useful plugin in my project i found a problem that is break korean languge so i hope this plugin can support korean languge 
  6. hyun8675

    Multi Timers

    thank you answer to me i did exactly understand this plugin !!
  7. hyun8675

    Multi Timers

    I love this plugin. It's very avaliable for my project. i have question. I want to <thisevent> is change to <$gameMap.event(this._eventId)> this is possible?
  8. hyun8675

    First Title: 'After Death'

    thaks for like it!!!
  9. hyun8675

    First Title: 'After Death'

    thanks for love this project!! It's korean art style!
  10. hyun8675

    First Title: 'After Death'

    thanks for reply and like this project !!  please 2&3 teaser video also expected.
  11. hyun8675

    First Title: 'After Death'

    @Ms Littlefish thanks for that lovely reply :) I really appreciate that your help !! :) and i was big fan of ur music !!  thanks again and wait for 3st teaser on 7. 23 !! have a nice day 
  12. hyun8675

    First Title: 'After Death'

    Teaser Video 1st Teaser Video 2st Teaser Video Screen Shot Hello! :) We are Rootless Studio, an indie-game developer made up of 3 team members We are happy to announce the 1&2st teaser(game prologue and game play) of our first title "After Death"...
  13. hyun8675

    TamFey's Timed Button Attacks

    I really love this plugin!! However, the same problem occurred "Undefined is not a function" Did i make a mistake?

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