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  1. Kruesser

    RMMV Moving image and namebox

    Looking at Yanfly's Message Core it looks like you can do left, right, and centered name boxes with these commands. Is that what you're looking for? I'm not entirely sure where you want to move the name box to.
  2. Kruesser

    RMMV Limited Skill replenished outside of battle

    I'm using Yanfly's Limited Skill plugin to limit the uses of my skills. I have a common event to essentially work as a 'repel monsters' that's activated from an actor skill. The issue I'm running into is it will notify the player when they are not on the ship that the skill cannot be used but it...
  3. Kruesser

    How do I...give players a file once they complete a game?

    Perhaps the Yanfly Dynamic Title Screen is what you're looking for?
  4. Kruesser

    RMMV Show Objective bug with Yanfly Quest Journal plugin

    Quest 5 is active as it can be viewed both from the main menu and the active quest overlay. So the initial event that adds it is working properly. The portion of the event that contains the commands for the quest objective functions as the actor can talk to the npc to initiate the...
  5. Kruesser

    RMMV Show Objective bug with Yanfly Quest Journal plugin

    Hello everyone. I'm having issues trying to get the Yanfly Quest Journal to perform some of it's functions. At the moment all functions work properly except for when I use the following plugin commands. The current objective is not completed nor does the second objective display. Here is what...
  6. Kruesser

    RMMV Consuming items doens't work after creating plugin for that

    Sounds like it may not be an issue with the plugin but your database settings. Have you selected the box for it to be consumable? Also when do you have it allowed to happen? Always? Battlescreen? Menu?
  7. Kruesser

    RMMV SRD Character Creator EX deployment issue

    Bah, I feel like an idiot. Been pouring over this for two or three days now until I hit the realization that plugins requiring images/audio doesn't count as being used so when I check 'exclude unused files' the entire file for SRDs CCEX gets excluded since it's not actively called in the game...
  8. Kruesser

    RMMV SRD Character Creator EX deployment issue

    I'm trying to get SRD CCEX to work for my project. During testing the plugin works perfectly and does everything as it should. However, when I perform deployment for Windows (unused files excluded) it no longer functions. During the event my other tasks work such as my show texts but when it...
  9. Kruesser

    SumRndmDde's Character Creator-EX plugin: F.A.Q's

    Is this the link your after?
  10. Kruesser

    RMMV Yanfly and CCEX plugin issues

    I didn't even think to check the plugin order. Turns out that was exactly what the issue was. Moved some of Yanfly's plugins into order and dropped the Character Creator to the bottom of the list and that did the trick.
  11. Kruesser

    hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    I can't thank you enough for this!
  12. Kruesser

    RMMV Yanfly and CCEX plugin issues

    I'm using the Character Creator EX and Battle Status Window in my RPG Maker MV game and have ran into an issue. During combat when the actor that was created through the character creator actively attacks they are displayed over their info. When not actively fighting their image is gone. Any...
  13. Kruesser

    SumRndmDde's Character Creator-EX plugin: F.A.Q's

    1. I don't believe the first one is possible. You could issue a 'general armor' or 'travelers armor' as a work around? 2. That might be something that can be tweaked in the Super Tools plugin via the F12 key. At the very least maybe you can drag the window off screen?
  14. Kruesser

    RMMV Issues with Yanfly's Row Formation

    Ah, my apologies. Melee weapons are able to target everyone regardless of row of the target or attacker. After looking into the Weapon Unleash plugin that seems to be moving me in the right direction. Thank you. Now my only issue is that when I use my new Melee Attack skill I want it to only be...
  15. Kruesser

    RMMV Issues with Yanfly's Row Formation

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to use Yanfly's plugin and am running into some issues. What I'm trying to do is set it up so that melee actors can only hit those in the first row while ranged/magic users can hit the first or second row. (I thought of leaving the default third row in but decided...

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