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  1. Dr. Delibird

    How can I check for a critical hit?

    I want to do a lot with variables/switches/eventing that need to track critical hit hits but I don't know how to do that. Ideally if there is a way to run a common event upon critical hit then I can go from there fairly easily.
  2. Dr. Delibird

    Skill shop vs. Selling items that teach skills

    If skill shops are not common or take some time/effort to go to then I prefer to be able to hold the skill items in my inventory but outside of that it really doesn't matter either way imho.
  3. Dr. Delibird

    Balancing MaxMP & MP Regen & MP Cost

    MP is a resource and so I think of it the same way I do potions or any other resources I give my players. All design decisions you make should take into account MP and so if you want players to be conservative with MP you design around it or if you want to encourage lots of MP use you design...
  4. Dr. Delibird

    Armor Scaling

    I decided to scrap DEF as a stat entirely in favor of having HP being the only defensive stat for both players and enemies. I like the idea of the player being able to see that their new sword does X amount of damage all the time (outside of elemental resistances) and it's easier for players...
  5. Dr. Delibird

    Single-Target, 1-turn buffs: is it ever good to design these?

    Its entirely dependent on what "flow" you want the battles to have, what skill rotations you want the players to be using (if any) and even if both those other factors make a skill like this applicable you still need the skill to make sense for the player to use it vs any other option they have...
  6. Dr. Delibird

    Eliminating XP. Character growth by item and equipment ONLY

    Okay so this is just my POV so take it with however many grains of salt you want to. I think if the goal is to reduce grinding from a game and the solutions is removing levels/exp from the game then all you are doing is moving the goalposts. If you want any kind of player power level increase...
  7. Dr. Delibird

    Where do you put your story-altering decisions?

    I think what we need to make sure of is whether or not a game has multiple endings or multiple plot altering choices is going to enhance the game or not. There are games that implement it and it works and there are games that implement it and don't. Honestly if you want to avoid the player...
  8. Dr. Delibird

    Adding Pictures

    What you could do is this: Where it says "Next Page" you can do another show choices event for each option of picture you need. Leave cancel blank so when your player selects it the event just ends. There are some tweeks that can be made to this but this is just the basis of how you would do it...
  9. Dr. Delibird

    Poor graphics quality.

    So how do you explain chibi characters whose heads are anywhere from 1/3 to 2x the size of their torsos? Or anime-style characters vs realistic style characters? One is not better than the other it's all just opinion.
  10. Dr. Delibird

    Tips on Making a Good RPG

    Make the game that you'd enjoy playing. Or at least that's where I begin. Its very doubtful that nobody enjoys the same things as I do, just statistically speaking, so therefore I purely see myself as the target audience. You also should keep in mind whether or not your game is heavily reliant...
  11. Dr. Delibird

    Adding Pictures

    Depends on how in depth you want to do this. If all you want to do is show a picture once the quest is complete then you can simply use a switch that you turn on when the quest is complete and then have a conditional branch that uses the "show picture" event command. There is a few different...
  12. Dr. Delibird

    What happened to iOS export option?

    You need to deploy it as a web/HTML version and then use an app wrapping tool (different tools exist for iOS and Android)
  13. Dr. Delibird

    Poor graphics quality.

    The assets aren't bad they are just a different style. You not liking this style doesn't mean anything as far as quality goes. Lots of people don't like chibi sprites yet lots of successful games use chibi art style, why? Well put simply it's because everybody has a preference when it comes to...
  14. Dr. Delibird

    RPG Maker MZ, Preview #5: TPBS, A Closer Look

    I think if you look at what we know about the engine now and think you would be "ripped off" or whatever then that just means the engine (at this stage at least) is not meant for you. Including a bunch of functionality that once was only possible with plugins/scripts in the base of MZ increases...
  15. Dr. Delibird


    I'm really going to be torn on which to pre-order. Ultimately I am wanting the S bundle however that is just over $200AUD (post 20% discount) and while I do see the value in the bundle, that doesn't change it being a lot of money. MZ is just over $90AUD for reference. I almost certainly will buy...
  16. Dr. Delibird

    How to start your story?

    Here are the rules I stand by and also look for when playing games; 1. Non-skippable info dump is bad, players come to play your game not read/listen to it's lore with no option to skip. This is especially a problem for people wanting to playthrough your game more than once. Either make the...
  17. Dr. Delibird

    Degree of Character Customization

    Name is only important for me if the character is written into the game as a blank slate with dialog choices being a core mechanic, never understood the appeal of renaming characters in a game like FFIV for example. Class/Jobs, definitely needs some level of player agency either it is subtle or...
  18. Dr. Delibird

    Hit Chance Poll

    I have this philosophy that I prefer when it comes to accuracy/hit chance in games and I understand that not everybody will agree so here we go. There should always be a ratio of at least 3/4 of viable options to be 100% accurate (before calculating evasion chance). Your players should never be...
  19. Dr. Delibird

    RPG without battles or using battle system for creative or non-combat mechanics?

    Having a stealth system where being spotted/found is what triggers the game over screen (or whatever fail state you want really) is a way to complete remove the battle system from the equation. Actually yeah any game that doesn't have traditional conflict at it's core does well with this as...
  20. Dr. Delibird

    RPG Maker MZ Preview #1: Music, Battles, Animations!

    Can we idk just move away from the Yanfly topic? I just don't think there is really much discussion to be had here, everybody on all sides are very clearly entrenched into their own viewpoints so it's not like anybody will be swayed and even if someone was I don't really see any meaningful...

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