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  1. upgrading and earning

    Friends, in my MV game i have built an old town that was destroyed by a war. My idea is to be able to restore the town one building at a time as i earn the correct amount needed for each building. How do i go about displaying each repaired building on the town map as i repair them ? Do i need to...
  2. Change images in an event

    Friends in my game, my MC is walking and finds a lady laying on the ground. He is supposed to walk over to her, wake her and her image should change on the map to a standing position. And then they continue the conversation and then she joins his party. What is the proper way to achieve this ?
  3. Automated Message

    Friends i have implemented a day/night system and i want a message to pop up at a certain time each night to tell the player to take a rest and sleep. Is it possible to setup an automated message to express that the player needs to sleep ?
  4. RPG Maker MV/MZ Extended Generator - Version 0.68 - Update on the 10th April 2021

    @Schlangan friend by the images on your OP you have some nice generator parts. Would you share the RGXE's with us ?
  5. Quest Log Question

    TY @Zemtax was exactly right
  6. Day/Night - Sleep plugin

    @HexMozart88 That sounds pretty straight forward. Will give it a try. I "THINK" i have the time and day system running correctly so now to just need to try to do the reminders and the status affects. You were very helpful. I think i just lack confidence as of yet as i am newer to the software.
  7. Day/Night - Sleep plugin

    Friends i have looked for a while to find a plugin or way way that i can setup a system for my game that does the following. Would like it to have a Day/Night system that of course will control the lighting in the game. As well i would love it to remind the player to rest/sleep and if the...
  8. Looking for 2 features for MV

    TY @elpeleq42
  9. Looking for 2 features for MV

    Friends i want to add a day night system to my game as well as a weather system. Can anyone recommend a solution that is either plugin form or Even event driven ?
  10. A bit of help for eventing

    Oh i thought it would run page one first and than page 2. Now it makes sense.
  11. A bit of help for eventing

    Friends i thought i had it figured out but... So i want the following scenario. I head to the church to see the priest and while i am there i talk to a sister who wants to go on my journey so i add her to my group. So i added a switch that should turn on after she joins the group and i added a...
  12. Quest Log Question

    I know i activated the quest log window in Yanfly's quest log before in another game but for the life of me i cannot have it display now. Does anyone know the bit i am missing to have a window show in the game screen just like the window that shows the amount of gold you have..
  13. Richard's 3D Art

    @Rishi Raj Jain His work is awesome.
  14. Orange Overlay v1.1.4 + Animated Parallax Add-On (Updated 7Jul17)

    I guess this plugin is not supported anymore ?
  15. A Stranger's Tips: The Game Designer's Manifesto

    Great tips friend. I took away a lot from it and i was at the point where i needed this article. Thank you sooooooooo much..
  16. NEW! Medieval series DLC

    For me they are perfect as my game suits the theme of the pack.. TY
  17. Orange Overlay v1.1.4 + Animated Parallax Add-On (Updated 7Jul17)

    I have had that issue as well my friend and cannot see where the call is coming from. Cannot wait to see the answer..
  18. How to only change clothing in SRD-Character Creator?

    @Rhino is a great wealth of knowledge, talent and kindness.
  19. Orange Overlay v1.1.4 + Animated Parallax Add-On (Updated 7Jul17)

    Does anyone have a set of graphics i could use for this plugin, my graphics are very limited. Thank you ahead of time friends.
  20. RMMV Remnants of Ardrus (CANCELLED)

    Friend when i go to download the current project there are not download links. Is the project not offering downloads anymore ?

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