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  1. A skill that has a chance to self inflict status

    Thank you. I just tested it and it worked. Literally was looking at your posts for advice before you messaged me.
  2. A skill that has a chance to self inflict status

    I wanted to make a skill that damages the opponent. and then has a chance to give the user a status effect. How do you do that?
  3. Armor skills based on level

    Hi yes. Didn;t need common event used Yanfly skillcore to make it so the skill had a level requirement and then just put it on the armor. <Custom Show Eval> if (user.level < 2) { visible = false; } else { visible = true; } </Custom Show Eval>
  4. Armor skills based on level

    Great news skillcore works. I found another thread that had a similar issue and some code. Thank you for the reply.
  5. Armor skills based on level

    Is there a way to have armor that based on the actors Level gives them certain skills?

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