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  1. Arrowgantt

    Grid Inventory - PoE/Diablo-like

    It looks very good! I will always love Diablo Series!
  2. Arrowgantt

    What Games Inspired You to RPGMake?

    In general, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy I, VI, VII and VIII, and the Etrian Odyssey series form the basis of most of my mechanical/gameplay inspiration and presentation. Thematically (at least for my current project) I'd probably cite Metal Gear, Just Cause and to a lesser extent Mass Effect...
  3. Arrowgantt

    Importance of a story/plot in a rpg game

    Story is what holds every RPG together, and it gives the player focus throughout his or her playtime. However, great storytelling isn't just about the main narrative, but also compelling mini story arcs and side quests narratives. I think The story either needs to stay out of the way or at least...
  4. Arrowgantt

    Do you enjoy voice acting in rpgs?

    The only game that was fully voice acted was SWTOR. Most MMOs don’t have voice acting for side quests, I’m surprised they even added bits of the dialogue to those. They probably could have left it off and it would have been fine. I would have liked to see more random NPC conversations (in area...
  5. Arrowgantt

    What are the absolute best stealth games?

    Alien Isolation. Commandos 2. Hitman. Metal Gear Solid V. Try them all! Trust me!
  6. Arrowgantt

    Things in RPGs that annoy you.

    Currently stuck in the Bevelle Cloister of Trials in Final Fantasy X HD. After two hours of trial and error I finally found the destruction sphere. I’m too tired to care where it goes or what’s behind whatever it blows up.
  7. Arrowgantt

    Rpg story cliches you hate?

    Agreed! I don't care for fetch quests/work orders/whatever else you want to call them. I'm going to go out on a limb and declare that if a game's "side quest system" feels like each quest was instantiated from one of several templates, then that game probably would have been better without side...
  8. Arrowgantt

    CS:Go anyone?

    Hi there. I am playing a lot of Counter Strike Global Offensive, I have already played 3500 hours in that game, and I know how difficult it is.
  9. Arrowgantt

    What game are you currently Playing?

    I'm playing wow classic burning crusade right now. And I am really enjoying it. There’s a ton of content - huge zones, lots of quests, lots of dungeons, lots of chances to get tbc gold. I’m playing frost mage and paladin - probably switching to prot because everyone is looking for tanks. I...
  10. Arrowgantt

    How do you play, and why?

    For me, I don't wanna any new things from developers. I just want them to give us same old thing. It's not important that it is new or not. The important thing is the quality of the game. FFXIV give us the same old thing with very high quality. When you see the story, details, art style, music...
  11. Arrowgantt

    Any FFXIV players?

    I have been playing Final Fantasy 14 for a long time. I find that FFXIV is a rich experience that can provide years of excellent content to dive into (I just have farm ffxiv gil myself). The story is incredible and simply just keeps getting better, the devs listen to players and really seem to...
  12. Arrowgantt

    RMMZ Fursona: Sodor Animal Fantasy

    Is this game that good?
  13. Arrowgantt

    Favorite RPG (growing up)

    I played vanilla wow many years ago, and now I'm playing wow classic, it's pretty clear that my favorite RPG game is World of Warcraft. Vanilla WoW is the original content; it is grindy, much more social than Wotlk or anything else after that point, it has some outdated specs and roles and it...
  14. Arrowgantt

    Looking for a new laptop. Please share your experience.

    I think Acer Nitro 5 can meet your requirements. Nitro 5 has Intel Core i5-8300H processor that works at 2.3GHz speed. The other specs include 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD storage. It even has an average battery life of 5.5 hours.
  15. Arrowgantt

    What's the best RPG game on PC?

    Hi, if you want to play Live Action Video games, you can try Star Wars Battlefront II. I started playing this game on a monitor, but the graphics were so beautiful that I decided it was only right to move to the big screen. After all, the game feels less like a shooter and more like a cinematic...
  16. Arrowgantt

    RPG Maker games with Grinding?

    Hi, want to play a game that focuses on building up characters? I recommend you WoW Classic. No matter what kind of player you are, there is a character out there fit just for you. If you want to go hardcore, maximizing your character potential by choosing the perfect race for the role you want...
  17. Arrowgantt

    First RPG game you ever played

    I don't really remember... Maybe Path of Exile?
  18. Arrowgantt

    What are your favorite superhero games?

    Infamous 2 was going to be my answer too. The movement in this game is so much better than the first one, and I feel like it did a great job of capturing the essence of being a superhero who can do nearly anything. I also thought the story and characters were pretty good, and I loved the ending.
  19. Arrowgantt

    What is the game platform you are spent most of the time playing games? Why?

    Well, definitely Sony PlayStation 4 Pro! Why I picked the PlayStation 4 Pro: Hello? It is the best version of the most popular game platform available today. With 4K, HDR 10 compatibility, and the PlayStation 4's exclusive game library, it is currently the best plug-and-play gaming platform...

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