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  1. aozgolo

    Schools in RPGs - what elements do you consider important?

    For lessons, I think that's only important if you make it important. If you look at the Harry Potter series, we only see classroom scenes when it makes sense in the narrative, most of the story takes place outside of class. Many Visual Novels involving school-age kids even gloss over school by...
  2. aozgolo

    Game Idea: Farmer by day, Hunter by night

    I'm not even to the point of starting myself, I have a lot of experience on game design, not so much with RPGMaker and I'm still learning the program with simple projects but definitely something I want to aim for. My other thread where I discussed a time-slice system was actually for this...
  3. aozgolo

    How many features until its overboard?

    I tended to make the mistake in my youth as a game designer that the VERY first thing I would do in designing my game (beyond initial concept) is create an entirely arbitrary feature list: 100+ hours of non linear gameplay! 50+ sidequests! Crafting! Fishing! Monster Taming! Immersive...
  4. aozgolo

    Game Idea: Farmer by day, Hunter by night

    I'm making a farm themed RPG myself, I am reluctant to compare it to Harvest Moon, though some similarities are bound to be there. While I am considering hunting in my game (as in hunting wild animals) I haven't considered any sort of combat system. I would caution that while it's not a bad...
  5. aozgolo

    To Make a Stuning Intro

    So 2 points to add: 1) Kill your darlings. As a writer you MUST be willing to let go of ideas, I understand you have it fully formed in your head how you want it to start but if you are intending an audience for this you need to look at it from that audience's point of view, I've never seen or...
  6. aozgolo

    Lack of battles

    I tend to think more and more on this for my own projects, I have a few ideas for some myself, though usually they don't have battles because they focus on a different aspect, and are more "sim" in nature (Think Harvest Moon). I think it depends largely on your intended audience if it works or...
  7. aozgolo

    How important is originality in a game?

    Way back in the day I was actually a part of a group game project that did this. The group leader provided me a basic synopsis saying he wanted a dystopian gritty cityscape as a setting and a lot of seedy underworld factions vying for ultimate control over the city, and the protagonist kind of...
  8. aozgolo

    How soon is too soon to reveal a sequel?

    Most games only reveal themselves after they have certain elements set in stone, like you have maps finished that you know you won't change, or the story, or something. You need to be sure you have some concrete information before you go public. Hype isn't bad, but you don't want the game you...
  9. aozgolo

    Codex with Progressive Unlockable Content

    It's really probably no more difficult than doing a custom menu, you could probably do everything purely with eventing. I'd suggest trying your hand at making a simple custom menu system and it easily segues into that. I mean a Codex when you get right down to it is 90% text information, so...
  10. aozgolo

    Codex with Progressive Unlockable Content

    So a Codex is basically a series of encyclopedias collectively called a Codex that is available through an in-game menu that offers background lore and info about a world. Usually there's a bestiary, location synopsis of visitable areas in the game, item lists, and if there's any crafting in the...
  11. aozgolo

    Synchronous Battle System Ace!

    I was actually thinking Ogre Battle as well! I think a system kind of like Final Fantasy XII's gambit system would work (I even considered this myself) where you can basically program the automated AI for each person (or job class if you have those) and let it play out, however unlike FFXII you...
  12. aozgolo

    Which Graphic Packs (DLC) "fits" together?

    Thank you for the quick and informative reply, it certainly helps!
  13. aozgolo

    Which Graphic Packs (DLC) "fits" together?

    I'll be the first to admit my art skills while not TERRIBLE are a bit underwhelming, so I have no issues buying several of the LOVELY Graphic Packs for RPGMaker, and have even already bought some (Futuristic and Modern), but one thing I keep wondering is if anyone can suggest how well the...
  14. aozgolo

    Beautiful relaxing ambient.... RPG???

    Well I don't know if this counts but I would consider Earthbound the most relaxing RPG I've ever played, seriously even if I am being beaten to a pulp and dying that game CANNOT make me mad, it's just too good, it's hard to explain but it possesses a certain charm that is really hard to...
  15. aozgolo

    Making Bosses Interesting

    I think it's not difficult at all to figure out how to make them interesting if you just look at some of the most memorable boss fights in RPGs. Some examples: Magus in Chrono Trigger was a very tricky boss if you didn't know what you were going in for, sometimes even if you did. He would often...
  16. aozgolo

    Will you play a Single-Player RPG that has all of these features?

    Depends ENTIRELY on the pacing and intent of the game. I do enjoy survival games where your goal is to survive and eventually thrive HOWEVER I don't like when other genres of games just tack on survival systems for immersion because that kind of "immersion" also destroys pacing of a game. It...
  17. aozgolo

    Time-Slice System

    A Time-Slice system (there may be a better word for it) is a turn-based time management system where each part of the day is broken up into individual "slices" of time, and going to specific locations or doing certain actions consumes 1 or more slice of time. At the end of the day you are forced...
  18. aozgolo

    Tools to reduce the tediousness of Game Balancing

    yEd Graph Editor... despite how complex it seems initially I found this tool be really helpful in organizing loose ideas. It won't do number crunches for you but you can easily create hierarchy trees, flow charts, or just about any kind of visual aid you need to help organize yourself. Create a...
  19. aozgolo

    What are you working on?

    Working on early design for a battle system, this one is kinda based off Suikoden and Ogre Battle where you have 2 rows of 4 columns, but 4 different unit size types, so normal units would be like soldiers, long units would be like mounted soldiers, wide units would be kind of like phalanx or...
  20. aozgolo

    Item descriptions on field.

    I can't help but think "not liking descriptions for everything" might be referring to something else. If I don't want flavor text on a painting, why would I even interact with said painting to begin with? I can just as easily ignore it. Now if I am rifling through barrels and every empty barrel...

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