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  1. Psyche Radio

    Checking item cost and other things

    @ozubon I am using scripts inside a notetag. @Silva Thanks, that worked! And yeah I did mean that.
  2. Psyche Radio

    Checking item cost and other things

    Ah! Thanks, $dataItems[var].price did work. :kaophew: Also yeh, that's what I mean. But the code didn't work. :v I need it specifically to be regular items, and regular items only because the skill still shows up when I have any other item with me. (though I am also using Yanfly's Skillcore so...
  3. Psyche Radio

    Checking item cost and other things

    Hi, semi-lurker here. For a while I've been struggling to make a small bargain system where in battle you could use a "tribute" skill to trade any item and depending on it's value, the enemy would abort battle and leave you alone. However, for that I'd need to check the price of the items, as...
  4. Psyche Radio

    How do I change my username?

    @Archeia Hi, can my username be changed to Psyche Radio ?
  5. Psyche Radio

    The songs that get stuck in your head

    I have a thing for catchy ads okay
  6. Psyche Radio

    QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    @Waterguy Oh yeah, thanks, putting 'Erase Event' after the plugin command solved the problem, so yay.
  7. Psyche Radio

    Your Game's Cover Art

    Will def update at one point, just not now :v
  8. Psyche Radio

    QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    Posting here because I don't know if I'm dumb and I didn't look hard enough or if this is an actual bug. After finding out that JavaHut's Audio Manager was not up to date, I decided to switch to QAudio cause, well it sounded just as nice and had the same functions. However, testing it out, the...

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