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  1. Psyche Radio

    Checking item cost and other things

    Hi, semi-lurker here. For a while I've been struggling to make a small bargain system where in battle you could use a "tribute" skill to trade any item and depending on it's value, the enemy would abort battle and leave you alone. However, for that I'd need to check the price of the items, as...

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So ms store had an idea to nuke the the entire app when the file integrity is slightly broken.
Im on another months long scripting high. I wonder if I can go SSJS3?

Version Fille in english is now complete!
Download the game on
Talk about it here:

Enjoy and share!
3am me was like.... Hey buddy, what if I told you, where we're going we don't need events? :LZSwink:
5pm me is like.... Was 3am me onto something? No! Must work on actual gameplay! Rabbit hole bad! :kaoback:
I'm thinking of having a scavenger-based way to learn advanced skills in my first game, and use the work I did for figuring out a skill grid/maze instead for an optional dungeon in the game.

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