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  1. RadiantCadenza

    vgbgm free music library

    Hello, I'm (re)launching my music library site; starting with a selection of about 30 tracks that are available to be used for free in non-commercial and hobby projects, with plans to add more tracks every month. Most of them are great for RPGs, a lot of dungeon and town themes, mostly for...
  2. RadiantCadenza

    Member+: Vexed and Heroine Character Pack

    Agreed. $75 for "over $100 worth of materials" almost sounds like a good deal on paper, but If I only want $30-40 worth of the stuff on it, then I'm just overpaying. An MV user is overpaying since a lot of the assets included are ace format only. And vice versa if someone has a DS style project...
  3. RadiantCadenza

    RPG maker MV emotions faces set from Palxan and Verdibona

    @Palxan I'm not talking about Kadokawa's TOS. You're 100% right about what you're doing being fine by them. I'm asking about your TOS. :) Kadokawa/Enterbrain own these characters, but you and Verdibona own these modified facesets. I just wanted to be 100% sure. It's a legal thing. Looks...
  4. RadiantCadenza

    RPG maker MV emotions faces set from Palxan and Verdibona

    @Palxan I need explicit clarification: Are these facesets free for use in commercial projects? It seems implied but to be safely used in commercial projects the TOS to be 100% legally unambiguous. So it either needs to use the language "Free for commercial use" or something similar that...
  5. RadiantCadenza

    Modern Workout Equipment and Junkyard er... Junk.

    Those tiles from @@miyabirakuda are fantastic! (And not just the junk/trash ones I needed, I'll have to keep an eye on them for future resources) And looks like they just came out so pretty good timing for me. The basketball court isn't what I needed though, that'd be typical for a high school...
  6. RadiantCadenza

    Modern Workout Equipment and Junkyard er... Junk.

    Two separate types of things I'm looking for right now but I figured I making two threads would be frowned upon so I'll do a two-for-one. I'll start by saying I'm open to commissioning some of these or buying DLCs, but I figured I'd ask in requests first in case someone already knows of some...
  7. RadiantCadenza

    Toggle Event Page

    Oh, I just read/count the pages right to left. So when I say "first page" I actually mean the right most one. If I add a new page at the right, then that becomes the first page. It makes more sense to me with how they work, but I forgot a lot of other people think of it the other way around.
  8. RadiantCadenza

    Toggle Event Page

    I cannot thank you enough for this one! It solves several issues I was having, and much more elegantly than my current solutions. You see, I'm working on an action RPG, with all combat being real time, evented and in map, and in most maps the enemies return/reset when defeated. (Just like...
  9. RadiantCadenza

    RMXP Slim reviews [Time to play the Game!]

    Thanks for trying Dream Devourer. Unfortunately I have to agree that I made way too many miss-steps at the start of the game. The flower turrets are way overkill and that whole area is kinda sloggy. I'd like to go back completely and redesign that whole area from scratch, but for now, based on...
  10. RadiantCadenza

    RMMV Indrah's IGMC2017 Let's Plays and notes. 50 games and counting

    @Indrah Thanks a lot for trying Dream Devourer. I'm sorry you encountered that bug, the cause for it is because of a parallax BG with a kanji filename failing to load on your computer. It works fine on my own, but I was dumb enough and rushed enough to not test the game on other PCs before the...
  11. RadiantCadenza

    RMMV Dream Devouerer (IGMC Action RPG)

    “Unfortunately, sleep is the least restful part of my day...“ Ashling is a seemingly ordinary office worker, who spends her days crunching numbers for the Halcyon Tower Insurance Firm, and her nights struggling for survival in a world she does not yet understand. After awakening to her powers...
  12. RadiantCadenza

    Yanfly´s Keyboard Config - Disappeared =(

    So it's not just me? I was tearing my hair out over this thinking I was screwing something up with the plugin settings. Is there a place I can get the 1.1 keyboard config from then? (I was gonna bug report, but yanfly's bug report button apparently just goes to his ******* page which I can't...
  13. RadiantCadenza

    Fine-tuning player walk speed

    I tried looking up how to change the player's walk speed, and the only advice I could find was using set-move-route to double or halve it. Both are more extreme than I would like so I was wondering if it were somehow possible to make it something like 1.5 the default walkspeed? Can that be...
  14. RadiantCadenza

    Radiant Cadenza Studios: music, logos and interface graphics

    I'm about to be snowed in for a day or two, so let's see if I can catch back up with these. (Got a little delayed since my paid jobs take priority)  XenonProductions, I just gave yours a shot. Not sure if this is the sort of thing you had in mind.  This one is going to need a darker background...
  15. RadiantCadenza

    Radiant Cadenza Studios: music, logos and interface graphics

    Vis-Mage: So, here's a potential concept on the Project Perfection Games logo. I was going for the look of branded leather with a bronze nameplate. I think it matches a steampunk look aesthetically, but without going full-tilt on clockwork and gears, so it would also be perfectly at home in...
  16. RadiantCadenza

    Radiant Cadenza Studios: music, logos and interface graphics

    I have determined how much better I am able to draw a walrus on the second attempt. (Using 'how to draw' instructions intended for children. ehehehe-)  How does this one work for you? It's tough to get a good silhouette out of a walrus since it's just kind of a bloby shape. There are some...
  17. RadiantCadenza

    Radiant Cadenza Studios: music, logos and interface graphics

    EliteKilljoy: I'll be honest, cute cartoony illustrations aren't really my forte, and anatomy is a weak point of mine, so that goes doubly so for animals and humanoid characters. Normally for my professional work, I'd outsource those types of illustrations to an actual illustrator. I gave the...
  18. RadiantCadenza

    Finding the right people to work with

    Even if you're an equal partner with someone, treat it in the same manner as you would with hiring an employee.  Ask for a resume and portfolio of anyone you want to work with. Seriously! That lets you see and verify what kind of skills they have. And you should give them yours as well.  Check...
  19. RadiantCadenza

    Radiant Cadenza Studios: music, logos and interface graphics

    Sure, the thread should still be here, assuming a meteor doesn't land on the forum servers overnight or something.  And AwesomeCool, here's the combination. Both a glowy and not-quite-so-glowy version. (Highly technical graphic design terms, I know)  Let me know if you need a different file...

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