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  1. Theo - Enemy HP Gauge

    Could it be possible to add a current health amount on top of the bar?
  2. [LordV] Kill Quest Assistant

    That This defeats the purpose of the purposed plugin. As shown in the plugin setup, none of that was needed for the varible to change.
  3. [LordV] Kill Quest Assistant

    7 is the varible number. 4 is the common event. The plugin references common events, the common event then effects the varible. However, the varible only if effected if I have two or more enemies; and only changes after the first dies. Not affected by the last battle.
  4. [LordV] Kill Quest Assistant

    I had thought maybe if I had set the variable to 0 initially in the quest, with the +1 for the kills, it would solve the issue. But no such luck.
  5. [LordV] Kill Quest Assistant

    I have the same issue without the leading zeros.
  6. [LordV] Kill Quest Assistant

    So, after playinng around with it, i'm having the same issue I had prior to installing the plugin. If I have 1 enemy in my troop, it does not count the death; however, if I have 2 or more it counts all others except the last one to die. But the point of the plugin was to count all deaths...
  7. [LordV] Kill Quest Assistant

    So I tried this plugin, followed the instructions but it was not working. Not sure why.

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