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  1. Dash Stamina

    Is there a way to use this as a skill cost? For instance, I am using an ABS right now, specifically Falcao Pearl, and I would like to only have one skill cost, energy, which is consumed by every action, including running. This stamina system would obviously be perfect for it.
  2. Composite Characters / In-game Character Creation

    Dont you just have to define it in 'array' when calling a new scene?
  3. Composite Characters / In-game Character Creation

    Mother of god.... It is beautiful... Now that it is updated, I would severely appreciate a little help with storing something like "Race" into a variable to use in game. Not only would it help me, but anyone else who would like to use this beautiful script with added races.
  4. Composite Characters / In-game Character Creation

    So, unbeleivably stoked for this.
  5. Composite Characters / In-game Character Creation

    Thank you, Neon. If its any incentive/consolation- you will be making my life complete. haha.
  6. Composite Characters / In-game Character Creation

    I understand what you mean. It was just a suggestion. Is there any way you could instruct me a little as to how I would go about saving my race in a variable for my own personal use? I feel as if I could handle the extra work. If you wouldnt mind, that is.. I dont personally need any more...
  7. Composite Characters / In-game Character Creation

    You honestly have no idea how amazing that is to hear. When I found this script, all of my feels were bombarded. If I make one slight suggestion? incorprating the "race" feature a bit more.. I set up mine to have races in the exact way that you helped him with the "Saiyan" race, and it works...
  8. Composite Characters / In-game Character Creation

    I don't know if I am doing something wrong, but when I save a game, and exit, and then load that save, my characters return to their default values. Any ideas? This is the only script I am using currently.

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