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  1. RMMZ VisuStella Main Menu Core: Portrait mode is cutting off my images.

    Hey, I'm trying to set up my menu in a way that I like. I really like the way portrait mode looks but for some reason the character pictures I've tried so far are getting cut off at the top. I've looked all through the settings, though I may obviously be missing something. Is there anyway to...
  2. Default battle settings not working

    Thanks for the help. Turns out there was something wrong with my animations file. I just replaced it with the base version and it's working again.
  3. Default battle settings not working

    Oh I don’t think so but if I did somehow where could I find it to replace what I lost?
  4. Default battle settings not working

    So I’ve recently gotten into Rpg Maker MZ. I’ve mostly spent time creating maps but today decided to set up some encounters to practice balancing some stuff. Before messing with any values I set one up just to see how it worked (setting the encounters on the map and then waking around until they...

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