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  1. RMMZ Display enemy MP Gauge

    Hi I am using Visustella Battle Core, I can display the HP Gauge, but I would like to display enemy MP Gauge as well
  2. RMMZ How to update plugin without losing customized settings

    So throughout a project I am working on , Vizustella and CGMZ updated the plugins I am working with. Now that I try to update them , all my settings seem to be gone. Is there a way to update plugins safely ?
  3. Help port a Windows released Game to Mac [ Solved ]

    I found a way, so I basically made a dummy Rpg Maker game for Mac. I then went to the pc game I want to play on mac. I copied the contents of /game/www/ to Now I can run any MV/MZ game. It seems is basically a browser that can run rpg maker games
  4. Help port a Windows released Game to Mac [ Solved ]

    So I want to port an already released game from PC to Mac. I own both mac and windows pcs. I know I can play Rpg Maker MV/MZ games using the browser but a lot of the time I run into issues when it comes to saves. Is there a way to play Rpg Maker games as a mac program ?
  5. Check if Actor is wearing any armor

    oh great this worked flawlessly , thank you ! I will look into that, I am brand new to RPG maker and javascript, so I'm currently on a learning process. Does having a lot of common events lag the game ? In this exact example I did a wait for 10 frames to refresh status
  6. Check if Actor is wearing any armor

    So I want to make a parallel common event to activate a State if the actor doesn't wear any armor Id 2 and 3.

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